10 questions to Joram Declerck

Welcome to the strategian family, Joram! We're happy that you support us in the Barcelona. It is the duty of every new netzstratege to answer ten questions about themselves. We hope you enjoy to get to know our dev strategist as much as we did. Enjoy reading!

1. Since when have you been part of the team?
Mid May 2021.

2. What do you like most about netzstrategen?
I really like the flat organizational structure. And most importantly, there is a respectful and open way of communicating within the team.

3. What is your daily business and in which field are you specialized?
Building great web applications by contributing good quality code. I am specialized in backend development and all things concerning web servers and hosting.
Next to these topics, performance optimization and software usability fascinate me a lot.

4. What impresses you the most in your field?
The fact that it is the field in which acronyms are developed at warp-speed.

5. How would you explain your job to your mum?
My job is to make sure your online shopping cart rolls smoothly.

6. Any tip concerning your field you’d like to give away?
Always keep an eye on market share and community sentiment of the tech stack you are using.

7. Which sources help you to stay up to date?
Medium, Gartner, learning from other projects on Github.

8. Any Apps you couldn’t live without?
Komoot, to explore new areas by bike.

9. If someone would delete the internet tomorrow, what else would you do?
I would probably just take a walk in the park.

10. Tell us a secret about yourself, something you haven’t told anyone yet?
Cold showers keep me sharp.

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