10 questions for Julià Mestieri

Today, Dev-Strategist Julià Mestieri is going to answer 10 questions about his work and life at the netzstrategen.

1. Since when have you been part of the team?

I’ve met the netzstrategen about a year ago and we stayed in touch for a few months, before I decided to join the team in the newly created – and awesome – Barcelona Office.

2. What do you like most about netzstrategen?

I’ve always enjoyed holistic companies in the area of digital communication. The netzstrategen in particular, are a closely knit team consisting of highly qualified people with deep experience in many areas of the digital world and the drive to never stop learning. For me this is the best you can expect of an working environment.

3. What is your daily business and in which field are you specialized?

I’m focused on software development. This also includes web development, which means knowing and understanding the costumer needs, having a great deal of experience with creating a digital interaction experiences and an agile way of organizing our work. I also work on the development and growth of our Barcelona office.

4. What impresses you the most in your field?

The opportunity to build useful things for people.

5. How would you explain your job to your mum?

I help people to communicate with each other by building tools in the web.

6. Any tip concerning your field you’d like to give away?

Yes, don’t just do it fast. Do it to improve faster after 2 years without working on it.

7. Which sources help you to stay up to date?

The code of every contributor whom I work with. Also the tech leads of the CMS we use.

8. Any Apps you couldn’t live without?

VIM, xterm, Firefox.

9. If someone would delete the internet tomorrow, what else would you do?

Please, don’t do this!
… I would probably start studying other topics.

10. Tell us a secret about yourself, something you haven’t told anyone yet.
I will let a Google search solve it for you 😉

If you want to get to know Julià better, you can also read his profile on our website.

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