10 questions for Rodrigo Aguilera

We're very curious about our new strategians. So today, Dev-Strategist Rodrigo Aguilera is going to answer 10 questions about his work and life at the netzstrategen.

1. When did you become part of the team?
I joined netzstrategen in September 2018. Before that, I was working for a Drupal web agency for some years as a backend web developer in Barcelona.

2. What do you like most about netzstrategen?
I feel aligned with the set of values that netzstrategen stands for, like fostering the individual skills and decisions of each person to create an approach to the digital world that covers many fields. I think this has created a culture where ideas can grow and be shared; a true key for innovation.

3. What are your daily responsibilities and in which field are you specialised?
You can say that code is my trade but that sounds like I spend my days whispering to computers when in fact I am just a human trying to deal with other human problems.

Sometimes I also like to take a step back and focus on what we are doing, why we are doing it and how; essentially the software development process.

4. What impresses you the most in your field?
How web technologies are not only improving our day to day lives but also empowering people to enter the field and decide how they are going to build new web technologies or manage their own digital life.

5. How would you explain your job to your mum?
I say to her that I am telling some robots to pull levers behind the curtains. The person who paints them blue is another guy.

6. Any tip concerning your field you’d like to give?
Find a free software project that you enjoy and try to get involved in improving it. You will get so much more than you expect in return. Also if you create something from scratch show it to the world, don’t be ashamed of its quirks.

7. Which sources help you to stay up to date?
Despite efforts to shadow it, RSS is a key technology for people who are in control of their information diet. I like to read good ol’ Slashdot and get some strips like xkcd and CommitStrip. There are also a lot of people writing clever stuff on Medium these days. But the most current and enriching is meeting face to face with other enthusiasts.

8. Any Apps you couldn’t live without?
I like to recommend F-droid as a well-curated store for Android apps. I also like to keep an eye on what is going to be next thing in communication (remember MSN messenger?) and I think Riot.im is a pretty good candidate.

Sometimes we also take for granted apps that are “always there” like Firefox but the people behind it are doing a great effort to improve it everyday.

9. If someone would delete the internet tomorrow, what else would you do?
I would probably start the foundation of a new one with the lessons learned from the current one.

10. Tell us a secret about yourself, something you haven’t told anyone yet.
I like Lady Gaga’s first album.

If you want to get to know Rodrigo better, you can also read his profile on our website.

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