10 questions to Evelia Molina

We greet new collegues with a warm welcome and a lot of questions. One of our new team members in barcelona introdcues herself today: development-strategist Evelia.

1. Since when have you been part of the team?
Since the 17th of june 2019.

2. What do you like most about netzstrategen?
Our values (all of them!) and how everyone is happily committed to them.

3. What is your daily business and in which field are you specialized?
I am a web developer, focused on the front-end side.

4. What impresses you the most in your field?
I can create something that can have a huge impact on a user’s experience; therefore on people’s decisions.

5. How would you explain your job to your mum?
Easy. I convert a visual aspect into code. So, I let the internet know how to display a design and allow users to interact with it.

Mum: “Qué?”

6. Any tip concerning your field you’d like to give away?
Keep yourself up-to-date, solidify your knowledge, put love into everything you do and whatever happens, keep trying.

7. Which sources help you to stay up to date?
Have a look into David Walsh, CSS Tricks, Codrops, Creative Bloq, Smashing Magazine, CodeCondo, Google Web Updates and… GitHub, Stack Overflow, Ted Talks also try to participate on field related events such as meetups, workshops or conferences.

8. Any Apps you couldn’t live without?
Google maps, without doubts. :/

9. If someone would delete the internet tomorrow, what else would you do?
I would love to start an animal rescue.

10. Tell us a secret about yourself, something you haven’t told anyone yet?
Having flying insects around makes me feel panic.
I was about 8 years old, I was walking around a field with my family, and suddenly a butterfly came into my mouth. I start shouting and screaming and I literally remember my family laughing about it while I was having an awful time. Nowadays I can still feel that dusty body on my tongue… the length of those few minutes until my dad decided to take the butterfly out of my mouth was infinite.

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