Office Administrator in part time

WOW. There's so much going on right now and we need help with our operations and administrative tasks in our office in Barcelona / Poblenou from a structured and well organised office administrator in part time as soon as possible. Please!
We create platforms, stores and digital campaigns. Our projects are mainly for publishing and retail websites. Our customers are our partners, we get them up to speed in the digital world by introducing them to new paradigms, tools, and processes. You are in direct contact with our customers to discuss tasks or coordinate requirements.

You will work in a dynamic international team of digital strategists distributed across offices in Barcelona, Cologne, and our head office in Karlsruhe, Germany.

We love to collaborate, work independently, and we feel responsible for what we do. Therefore you can manage your time and tasks the way it fits your working style best.

So what to expect as an office administrator at netzstrategen?

Running an office is quite some work. That’s why we’d like to have some help with our operations in Barcelona / Poblenou in part time.

Here’s what you’ll be doing with us:
  • keep an eye on our bills and receipts
  • prepare the bills and receipts for our bookkeeper
  • take care of all the things around the office like call for repairs and order water
  • book flights, trains or hotels for the team

  • That’s what you should bring along:
  • English as first or second language
  • structure and organisational skills
  • some experience with bills, receipts and bookkeeping
  • patience and humor

  • These are the tools you’ll be using:
  • Project Management with Asana
  • Email, Calendar and Documents with Google GDrive
  • Communication via Chat in Slack

  • This should be the result of your work:
  • a productive team in an orderly office
  • a happy bookkeeper that can easily take care of our taxes
  • a clean and orderly office

  • Bottom line: You keep the boat afloat and help to get all the necessary things done while our team can work productively.

    Would you like to work with us?