Senior Full Stack Developer

You are a talented and experienced full stack developer and would like to work in an interdisciplinary team to create digital experiences? Let's talk!

At netzstrategen we enable our customers to act in the digital world. For this we need experts for all digital disciplines. Because we know that a real strategy can only be developed if all aspects of the digital world are taken into account. Our services include business analytics, strategic planning, project management, UX/design, development, marketing and the qualification of our clients’ employees. That’s just your thing? Then read on!

How you work as a Senior Full Stack Developer at netzstrategen

You create trust
Our promise is: We know the internet like the back of our hand. That’s why our customers can trust you completely in the things you do. You will be happy to explain the background and motives – even a few times if necessary.

You follow a strategy
Together with our project partners we define a strategy and you make sure that we don’t lose sight of it on the way. You address it if our internal wishes or those of the client cannot be reconciled with the chosen strategy.

You are proactive
You suggest measures to our customers if we consider them to be useful. You can do small things without consultation if you are absolutely sure that you are acting in the interest of the customer. This reduces the amount of consultation and administrative work on both sides and makes us fast, flexible and capable of acting.

You contradict and advise
We do not implement what we are not convinced of. Unlike a classic agency, we do not blindly do what we are asked to do, but actively contribute our knowledge. This can mean that you may have to object from time to time – as long as we can suggest a constructive alternative.

You know no end
The Internet is developing at breakneck speed and is never “finished”. When (new) opportunities open up for our customers, you talk about that too. Not as a pushy sales approach, but as an honestly meant attempt to advance your customer’s business (on the net). Of course you also accept a “no”, but you can also be persistent if we consider a measure to be really important.

Your ambition is to work at eye level
At netzstrategen we know no hierarchies and are all specialists in their respective fields. Whether intern or chief strategist, we all feel committed to the goals of our clients and identify with them. You make sure that we have the targets on our radar internally and that our customers on the road always know where we stand and where the further journey is heading.

You love your job
You love what you do and can identify with it.

You take your time
You don’t do things by halves and you really put yourself out there for our customers and partners. As you will usually be working on several projects at the same time, you need good time management to juggle projects and tasks well so that nobody has to wait long for you. In order to keep the number of balls in the air manageable, you will plan together with our customers when what will be implemented, so that enough time and the right people are available.

You can read even more about our way of working and our values.

Employer rating for netzstrategen at kununu
Employer rating on kununu: We are happy to be netzstrategen 🙂

And what exactly awaits you as a Senior Full Stack Developer with us?

As a Senior Full Stack Developer you will create and maintain digital products and their functionality. You will be responsible for bringing ideas to life.

You are doing this with us:

  • Planning technical solutions for individual features and whole sites for customers
  • Building new websites and online stores, and improving existing platforms
  • Coordinating task and project statuses directly with customers, also in agile sprints
  • Reviewing change proposals of others and giving constructive feedback
  • Analyzing and optimizing the web frontend performance
  • Integrating with web services, connecting enrichment services like Elasticsearch and marketing automation tools like newsletters and CRMs
  • Developing custom data imports, exports, and migrations
  • Contributing features and fixes to third-party libraries, plugin vendors and the CMS core
  • Extending and improving our shared component library and integrating it into CMSs
  • Implementing automated tests and integrations with monitoring systems
  • Reviewing third-party sites as part of audits for our customers

You should bring this with you:

  • Experience in programming PHP and JavaScript, TypeScript, JSX/TSX, HTML5, CSS, Sass, Twig
  • Experience with extensible CMS backends like Craft, Drupal, or similar
  • Experience with frontend web frameworks like Next.js, Nuxt.js, Sveltekit, or similar
  • Experience with UI libraries like React, Vue, Svelte, or Web Components
  • Experience with WordPress and WooCommerce and other e-commerce platforms, and implementing custom Gutenberg blocks
  • Experience in developing new plugins and themes (ideally published publicly like ours)
  • Experience with HTTP caching, HTTP headers and reverse proxy caching like Varnish and Nginx Cache
  • Experience with creating and integrating with RESTful APIs and GraphQL services
  • Experience with creating automated deployments and automated tests
  • Experience with typical problems of CMS update and upgrade processes and how to avoid them
  • Experience building modular and reusable component libraries
  • Ability to quickly understand foreign code bases
  • Knowledge about best practices and writing clean code
  • Highly collaborative attitude and love for participating in code reviews and discussions about architecture and design
  • High proficiency in spoken and written English

You should be familiar with these tools:

  • Direct collaboration using digital tools
  • Peer review and version control platforms like GitHub, Chromatic
  • Command line tools like Git, npm, gulp, Webpack, Composer, WP-CLI, SSH
  • Component library UIs like Storybook, Fractal, Patternlab
  • Project management tools like Asana
  • Collaboration tools like Slack and Google Apps (GSuite)

This should come out of your work in the end:

  • Solid responsive layouts and interactions
  • Functionality that is well-tested and resolves the needs of the customer
  • An implementation approach that can be maintained and updated easily
  • Code that is clean and can be understood and extended by others
  • Time estimates that are reliable

With these people you will have the most to do:

  • Developers
  • Project Managers
  • Customers
  • Designers
  • Analysts
  • Marketeers

We would like to welcome you to our team.

This is how it looks like with us:

  • Independent and self-responsible work is part of our DNA. Flexible working hours and home office are absolutely natural for us – we see our work as a very important part of life. But only as a part that should fit flexibly with the rest.
  • You will find a set of values that we love and live every day.
  • You’ll meet a colourful international team full of digital enthusiasts who burn for their subjects – just like you do.
  • A mentor will give you regular feedback. As we are constantly changing and try to get a little better every day, we would like to see the opposite. Get involved and let us know if we miss a step and what we can do better.
  • There is fresh fruit, coffee and soft drinks in all offices. We also meet every Monday for lunch together.
  • Togetherness is important to us: we meet for team activities and joint workshops alternately in our offices in Karlsruhe, Cologne and Barcelona.
  • You enjoy further education and we support you in this – with language courses, conference visits and further qualifications.
  • We are fond of animals: Dogs can be brought to the office after getting to know them. Currently, the Karlsruhe office offers fish and a fluffy dog.
  • You will have 28 days of holidays. You can enjoy it when it fits better in your calendar.
  • We make sure that you can work under the best conditions: Laptop, mobile phone contract, the right hardware, train ticket or job bike – ride with us!

Fits? It fits!

Start date: Immediately, Full time
Location: Barcelona or Karlsruhe
Compensation: 48,000 – 72,000 EUR/anno
Eligibility requirements:Hold a valid work permit.
Required experience: Minimum 8 years experience in the field

Send us your application with your earliest possible starting date, references and code examples, and your CV. Your contact person is Magda.

Apply now!

These are some of your new fellow strategists:

Fabian Marz

Fabian Marz Development-Stratege

I enjoy working as developer at netzstrategen because of different kind of aspects. We always work together as a team and strive for the same goal to create and provide the best possible results for and with our clients. You have lots of freedom and self responsibilites. Furthermore your opinions and suggestions are always valued and it is encouraged to be proactive, speak up and disagree for the better.
Daniel Kudwien

Daniel Kudwien Product Strategist

Expect change. Expect to learn. As part of this team of digital experts, you will feel the constant drive to creating better results and move things forward. We think across disciplines and learn together, sharing our knowledge and continuously adopting new technologies and tools. We enjoy creating and growing digital business models. You will be able to demonstrate your expertise by collaborating directly with customers and partners. Some are consulting with us for more than a decade and we want to work with them for many more years to come. They enjoy working with us, because we are giving honest feedback, training them hands-on, and recommending pragmatic solutions. Every year our company is taking a new spin – and it keeps on getting better!
Giordano Piazza

Giordano Piazza Development Strategist

There’s no hierarchy and no leaders. Only good ideas rule here.
Doro Sthamer

Doro Sthamer UX-Design-Strategin

“I have been part of netzstrategen for five years now. I really appreciate the exchange with my colleagues from different disciplines and the fact that we regularly discuss topics together and question things in order to optimize them. You always have the opportunity to contribute ideas and dive into topics that interest you. Personal responsibility and commitment coupled with flexibility and self-determination allow me to shape my work and everyday life as it suits me here. That, combined with a great team, motivates me every day.”
Bogdan Arizancu

Bogdan Arizancu Development-Strategist

I have been with netzstrategen for a year as part of the web development team, and it has been a great ride. They are good professionals and really nice people, passionate about new technologies and always aiming at the best possible solutions,
I have definitely improved my skills during this period. Working schedule is flexible, personal initiatives and open discussions are encouraged, the team and offices are spread internationally, a motivating working experience all in all.
Michael Wallner

Michael Wallner Design-Stratege

The diversity of the projects, topics and the people, as well as the freedom everybody has, make this company really exciting. The close collaboration between designers and developers ensures high quality results, efficiency and is really fun.

Apply now!