“Package insert” – risks and side effects of working with us

We are family

Yes – We know that everyone says that, but our mutual support for each other confirms this authentic family relationship to us every day. Experience has also shown us that our literal understanding of the term may be strange to others. So here is a list of what it means to us to be part of this family:

  • Every Monday, we cook together and talk about current topics, work and the company
  • We try to take lunch breaks together once a week to get a more detailed picture of what our colleagues are working on and what is keeping them most busy
  • We openly discuss our projects and sales
  • Every second Tuesday of the month, we organise a well-attended meetup event in our office called “netzstrategen / machen / feierabend – #nmfka”
  • Twice a year, we have a company retreat where we spend two days on strategic workshops and focus on our own direction and values
  • Aside from that we spend a lot of time with each other. For example, through our WhatsApp group, sporting activities, barbecue parties, concerts or whatever else interests us
  • Look at our values again and think about whether you would sign them so. Basically, we combine professional with private, a fact that we enjoy very much. But if you prefer to divide this, we will probably have little fun, because that often leads to frustration on both sides.

We need to be up to date

Our customers expect the information they receive from us – which leads important objectives, decisions and strategies – to be “cutting edge”. In the best case scenario, you can already bring a lot of expertise in your field but it is important to us that we all engage with our roles, never stop learning and experiment with new methods to try and improve.

We live in a digital world and want the same of you

The digital world is our home. We are all active on social media; blogging, posting and sharing what moves and fascinates us online. This helps us both professionally and privately gives us the opportunity to stay cutting edge when it comes to gaining experience in the digital world. This is the only way to keep many of our values and customer promises. Therefore it is not only “desirable” that you also share this passion, but a prerequisite to play with us.

We enjoy communicating knowledge

No matter what area you start with us – we communicate constantly and often explain the digital world to other people. These are sometimes highly complex constructs or details – but sometimes also quite fundamental things. It is important to us that we meet our customers. However, this often requires a lot of patience and competence. So if you prefer to work alone or are impatience, there is a risk that you will lose the fun at work.

We travel a lot

Our customers are all over, usually nowhere near our offices. Of course we use all possible communication channels – but experience shows that nothing can replace personal contact. So we travel a lot, often over several days and like to share the travel times between all colleagues, so get your bags ready.

We demand a lot of self-organization

Centralization and standardization are always critical issues for us – but we want to keep them as small as possible in order to give as much space as possible to the creative flow and self-determination and freedom of each individual. The downside to this, however, is the higher responsibility for one’s own work organization and communication. Everyone is responsible for keeping their promises to customers and colleagues.

As you can see, we are not just looking for a smart brain but a person behind it who is willing to work with us, and not only want at the workplace. In order to get to know you and your abilities better, we would be happy to suggest a small project in which you can personally present your approach and implementation methods.We think that is a great way to get to know each other in advance and to find out if there is a fit between us for us to both further invest our time into this relationship.

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