What we offer

The digital ecosystem requires a wide spectrum of expertise to cover
all angles. We are a diverse team and always take a holistic approach
to your organisation. This allows us to always use the appropriate
service to solve the right problems. Because only the right choice of
tools can ensure that they stay solved. We’re no fan of one hit
wonders, so we work closely with you to implement sustainable
strategies which will keep you on the ball and on track. Our path
always takes us along your value chains: From analysis and strategy,
through training and coaching to design, implementation and marketing,
we offer a variety of initiatives to best support your growth.

We assess, plan and secure your entry into the digital world.


We find the factors for your success and evaluate your current situation.


We cover your new strategy from many angles to find the best ideas.


Through close cooperation we build a living project structure and always prepare for the next step.

We take a coaching approach in sharing our knowledge to empower your team.


We help you master the essentials and provide you with further insights into the digital world.


We provide you with direct feedback and help you interpret your results.


We assess your current status and provide a structured path to round off your knowledge.

We develop your tools and tailor them to your needs by closely involving you in the process.


We think from the perspective of your users to create compelling digital touchpoints.


We get your project off the ground as soon as possible with future-ready, field-proven assets.


We help you engage the market with your content by pinpointing target groups and creating multi-layered marketing campaigns.

How we work

Our main goal in every project is to develop a strategy that help our customers to improve their digital journey. As a company providing new ideas, structure and concepts we have a well-designed plan to manage the process. In the first phase we ask a lot of questions and analyse the status quo to be able to compare the results at the end of a project. Therefore we compare our customers market potential with competitors or collect data from Google Analytics. The following phase includes planning, defining concepts and implementing new solutions and is always based on previous observations and technical requirements.

Consultancy and project management
  • Market research
  • (Digital) tracking
  • (Digital) analytics
  • Data & Analysis
  • (Digital) reporting
  • User testing
  • Audit planning
  • Goal setting
  • Market definition
  • Strategic Planning
  • Product planning
  • Organisational planning
  • Business planning
  • Concept
  • User experience
  • Design & Experience
  • Information architecture
  • User interface design
  • Infrastructure
  • Planning| Review
  • Setup
  • Development
  • Web applications | APIs
  • Migrations
  • Support
  • SEO
  • Media planning
  • Content planning
  • Marketing & Content
  • Social media marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Platforms
  • Impulses
  • Training
  • Seminars
  • Qualification
  • E-learning
  • Coaching
  • Sparring
  • touchpoint creation
  • collaboration
  • monitor, test, review, optimise

Planning and co-ordination

We follow the agile project management guidelines using Scrum methodology to organise and plan our development. We work in a very self responsible way, as we don’t have hierarchies and everyone is able to plan their working hours the way it suits them best.

We split our development into weekly sprints with collaborative planning meetings across multiple locations. Slack is our messenger of choice, allowing us to set up project-specific channels meaning less noise for developers and higher productivity. We have a daily Scrum via Slack to stay up to date on the current progress and we also use Asana boards to visualise the status and keep everyone informed.

In a fast paced environment we require quick response times. Our customers expect a lot from us, but we do the same from them. As part of our ingrained analyse-strategise-implement company workflow, we invite our customers to Slack and Asana to be part of the project and work together with us to solve problems. Instead of having only one project manager on either side being in contact, the whole team can see the overview of the project at any time and suggest improvements or spot flaws.

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Our digital product development process follows a strategic and design-led approach to create maximum value for our clients business goals and their users. We ensure we create products people need & value via rigorous user and business research to inform their conceptual development. Modern user experience design methodologies are employed to create and evolve design concepts together with client, consultant and developer.

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Applications / CMSs

We have experience with several CMSs and build our solutions based on our deep understanding of the advantages (and disadvantages) of each. We build platforms, apps, stores and digital campaigns with a CMS like WordPress, Drupal or we develop a custom solution. We also develop custom themes and plugins to implement our customers’ needs. We help our customers increase their revenues with our in-depth knowledge of e-commerce platforms and the ability to manage and tweak each plugin towards our customers needs.

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Front- & back-end

We develop web interfaces using modern techniques such as BEM and OOCSS and also adhere to current design standards such as atomic design. We have a variety of tools we use day in and out such as Gulp, Sass or Composer. To stay up to date, our team regularly attends web conferences, barcamps and meetups and we also hold our own monthly ‘Feierabend’ meetup event to support the local tech community in Karlsruhe. We have experts both in front- and back-end development, who contribute to open source projects and collaborate to develop internal tools.

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Development workflow

Git is our workhorse and every line of code we write is staged, committed and deployed using Git so we always have an extensive record of our work. With the use of separated testing, staging and live servers we give our customers (and us) the possibility to test and deploy new features in a very efficient way. We peer review all new feature developments: a new feature will be developed on a Git feature branch and then merged back into master via a pull request which is reviewed by colleagues.

Using open source technologies is part of our philosophy. We think that collaboration improves our work as developers. We are not only using those technologies, we are fixing and contributing back to the community following our high development standards.

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