We are the netzstrategen (German for internet strategians). As an international team of digital experts, we see ourselves as Digital Natives and Pioneers. Our shared passion is the constant evolution of the digital world in all its aspects. This is what fuels our interdisciplinary project teams and ensures your success.

Expect empathy.
We want to understand your business, your history, your situation and your goals. Hence, we ask a lot of questions to ensure that our understanding of your business is dead on.
Expect change.
We strive to find the most disruptive leverage for your business situation – no matter if this is a fundamental shift in your business strategy or a detailed marketing measure. We will get you out of any undesirable boxes!
Expect speed.
The digital world turns fast and without pause – there’s no time to lose. We always put the pedal to the metal, ignite sparks and deliver feedback quickly. Nobody waits for us!
Expect 100% netzstrategen
We operate at eye level, get deeply involved in your business and ask the hard questions. Mutual trust is a must have.

Our values

The most important foundation of working together is trust. So we want to get to know you and your business as well as we possibly can. This may also include after work activities like getting together for drinks!

We also presume to have your trust
Our promise is: We know the Internet like the backs of our hands. So we hope for your trust in the things we do. We would gladly explain certain background information and the basis for our motivation in decisions we take – but you should also come forward with a basic trust in our abilities. We know your business – and ours!

We are pursuing a strategy

We will define a strategy together with you. This is how we direct our course of action. We will let you know, if your wishes are not consistent with the chosen strategy. Then we have a discussion to either adjust the desire or the strategy.

We are proactive
We suggest you to take action when we consider it useful. We take care of certain little details without consulting you when we are absolutely sure that doing so will be in your best interest. This reduces the need for consultation and administration on both sides and makes us fast, flexible and effective.

We contradict and advise
We do not implement that which we are not convinced of. Unlike a classic agency, we do not blindly apply what is applied to us, but actively bring our knowledge into practice. This can lead us to contradict you – provided we can suggest a constructive alternative.

We meddle
If we have a (supposedly) good idea, which does not directly affect our cooperation, we do not hesitate. We will have a discussion with you – and then together decide how to further develop the idea.

We know no end
The Internet is developing fast and is never “finished”. If (new) opportunities arise for you, we will also address this. Please do not view this as an intrusion on our part, but rather an honest attempt to move your business (on the net) forward. We have no problem with accepting a “no” – but can also be persistent if we consider a measure as really important.

Our aim is to work on the same level
Here at Netzstrategen, we do not have a hierarchy and are all specialists in our respective fields. Regardless of whether you are a trainee or the company owner, we all feel bound to your goals and identify with them. Therefore, there is no reason to treat us differently from eachother. You can always broach the subject of a problem to any of us – regardless of who you are dealing with.

We love our job
For all of us, the job we have is our dream job. Certainly we have some bad days when we feel less motivated to handle our tasks. But we can identify with it. Family members and friends sometimes complain that we talk about job and projects even when we meet in our spare time. And we also send E-mail at times at night and on weekends. But hey – that’s how it is when you have found your dream job.

We take our time
We do not do things half-way and try to stay connected to our customers and partners. But due to the fact that each of us is working on several projects at the same time (and we are usually very well busy), it means that we can not always react immediately and in real time if you have an idea or a requirement. For it might be that we are in the multi-day strategy workshop with another customer who has also earned our full attention. In such cases, we cannot just drop what we are working on. That is why we are happy to make a plan with you on steps to follow – so that there is enough time and the right people at our disposal.

We expect your commitment
We make you capable of digitizing – and this is not an option but the basis of our work. Meaning that you (or someone from your team) need to be able to grapple with this as well. We bring you everything you need to know. Everything goes much faster, if you do not have to notify us on each click and order – that way, you can move faster on your own. By doing so, you will learn a lot about your own digital business and master your own activities.

Our experience shows:

If you are ready to engage in this kind of cooperation, great things can only come out of it:

We will bring you and your online business forward.

We work long and trustingly together.

We relieve you and your structures & processes.

We learn a lot about your business – you learn a lot about the Internet.

We openly, constructively and honestly deal with each other.

The work is fun to everyone involved – which is probably the best guarantor for a successful project that one could possibly have.