We are the netzstrategen (German for internet strategians). As an international team of digital experts, we see ourselves as Digital Natives and Pioneers. Our shared passion is the constant evolution of the digital world in all its aspects. This is what fuels our interdisciplinary project teams and ensures your success.

Expect empathy.
We want to understand your business, your history, your situation and your goals. Hence, we ask a lot of questions to ensure that our understanding of your business is dead on.
Expect change.
We strive to find the most disruptive leverage for your business situation – no matter if this is a fundamental shift in your business strategy or a detailed marketing measure. We will get you out of any undesirable boxes!
Expect speed.
The digital world turns fast and without pause – there’s no time to lose. We always put the pedal to the metal, ignite sparks and deliver feedback quickly. Nobody waits for us!
Expect 100% netzstrategen
We operate at eye level, get deeply involved in your business and ask the hard questions. Mutual trust is a must have.

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Our values

The most important foundation of working together is trust. So we want to get to know you and your business as well as we possibly can. This may also include after work activities like getting together for drinks!


Be empathetic to the people you work with and try walking a mile in their shoes. Offer support if you feel someone needs it and you can help out with knowledge, ideas or encouragement. We embrace difference with an open mind for diversity. We encourage everyone to live their life and try to support it as much as we can.

Be empathetic – A empathetic attitude towards your colleagues will lead to bigger trust and a better understanding of each other. Try to walk a mile in their shoes.

Offer support – If someone is looking for answers and solutions, offer your knowledge and ideas. A helping hand is always appreciated.

Be open-minded – Embrace the differences in diversity.

Live your life – Beside the work, we encourage every one of us to enjoy their private life with family, partner, friends and hobbies.


Successful projects with learnings on both sides make people happy. Broad know-how from individuals and collaborative teamwork lead to a strategic plan. Stick to it and be realistic. Quick wins fight complexity and results will be quickly visible if you get your hands dirty. Promise!

Connect the dots – There are a million possibilities and things to consider from many different angles and perspectives. Find the most important ones for the first step and connect them to an implementable plan.

Be realistic – Don’t build castles in the sky. We know how complex things will be, how hard they get to implement and how long it can take. Try and find quick wins but draw a realistic image of what may or may not happen.

Stick to the plan – The world does not stand still while a strategy is implemented. People and circumstances may change or goals are adjusted. WIth more details come more decisions. Stick to the plan even though times change and may get rougher.

Get your hands dirty – The best plan isn’t worth a thing if it is not implemented. There is always an end to talking and a beginning to doing so the plan becomes visible. So from the right point on: Do things; don’t just work scientifically and theoretically.


Constantly offering solutions and a hands-on mentality are great working attitudes and consider speed as mandatory. Keep these attitudes always alive and put the cherry on top of your results.

Be proactive – Make suggestions. Find solutions. Try things. Don’t wait until somebody tells you what you are supposed to do.

React fast – Things happen and change all the time. Try and react to these things fast in order to stay on top of the game. Avoid becoming the ball that is being played.

Never stop – Digital never stops and so do we. Our ideas go broader than just the mere software we build or campaigns we run. We continue to think ahead and to evolve the digital products and solutions we create.

Exceed expectations – Our clients pick us for reasons. And once we know them, let’s strive to give them even more reasons to continue working with us.


Focusing on the essentials is the key to getting the best solutions. All supported by the use of reliable data. Think with a long-term perspective and anticipate developments. Always disagree for the better.

Focus on the essentials – The options of what to do digitally are endless. We try to understand the business model of our client and find the projects and measures that will make the biggest impact to their business.

Analyse in depth – We look at things closely and generate reliable data to support decisions.

Think ahead – When we work, we think ahead. We try to get to the next level and foresee what may be up next so we can already integrate it into the plan.

Disagree for the better – Digital has many aspects and infinite connections. It is our job to bring them all to the table and discuss what is most important to reach the goals of our clients.


Strong personal commitment shows your will to will to succeed. For clients, projects and your own company. Share knowledge with all to gather maximum trust. Working in all kind of digital disciplines is fun. And after crossing the finish line, you can harvest together.

Commit yourself – Our clients, projects and company matters to us. We want them to be successful and strive. Very much so.

Share what you know – Mainly focussed on knowledge. We want to spread the wisdom about digital and share what we know so others can gain from it as well.

Love what you do – We want to have fun working. We love our disciplines and generally the work we do.

Harvest together – We always think win-win. A happy client will pay bills happily as well. And we will be happy if we are able to bill our work according to our delivered value – so please accurately plan and book your times.


When we have successes as a team, we ensure that we celebrate these together.