Interface Design & Usability

We optimize digital products and touchpoints around natural human behaviours to ensure both the users goals are met and the objectives of your business.

Whats it all about?

Shaping digital things for people.

A digital products user interface (UI) consists of a layout of elements upon a screen. A user needs to gain an understanding of what it is, where they are and what they can do with it, prior to their interaction.
Once they interact, the screen may react in a number of ways: you may be taken somewhere, it might transform somehow, it may collect information or offer it. Again, the user needs to understand what has happened and how they may need to react.

This constant interplay between screen and human is where UI & Interaction design takes place. The resulting user experience needs to be memorable, efficient, learnable and satisfying. We shape that experience to reach the goals we set with you.

What challenges stand before us?

Centering the experience around the user

Its well proven that users of digital products offer them very little tolerance. To maintain a users interest & attention, an absolute minimum of resistance should be placed in their path. The smallest amount of frustration or unclear signage and they are lost, often forever, or have fled to an alternative offering.

And not every user is like the other. A great number of various motivations, demographics and levels of proficiency need to be factored into creating these interactive experiences so as to cater to your user group effectively as possible and tuning it to not only their goals, but also to your goals as a company or institution.

Understanding who these people are and removing all obstacles from their path stands at the centre of a product’s success or failure. Users are not forgiving, and at the same time expect more and more functionality within rich, rewarding experiences… all while achieving your business goals. Here lie the challenges we overcome in the interface design of the digital experience.

How can we help?

We make the complex simple
Simple isn’t easy. Communicating your business in a way people can interact with it usually isn’t either. Complex constructs need to be reduced down to only the essential elements, in a form that’s easily digestible & a process thats understandable to your user group(s).

Over the years we’ve acquired the required knowledge & know-how as well as developing a healthy intuition into what ‘works’ and what doesn’t. We’re digital native, but the human experience remains the core of every products translation into the digital world and we bring this empathy into every project we work on.

We’ll analyse your business & come to understand your intentions, then work with you to transform this knowledge into a highly usable interface. This requires clear goal definition that we’ll combine with user interface strategies set out to meet them.

The digital landscape is in a constant state of growth and increasing complexity. As new devices and methods of interaction, such as touch screens become commonplace, they develop constantly as users quickly adopt new expectations of how a digital product works. We stay on top of this progression, filtering out the signal from the noise and feeding this back into the crafting of our interfaces for clients such as Zeiss 3D & suddeutsche zeitung.

We often see projects through their entire lifecycle, from concept, through design & into implementation and marketing. By doing so, we acquire firsthand the experience that only comes from actually building something.

All this is fed back into a products design and forms the core of the expertise we offer.

How we do it?

Firstly we look at what you want to achieve and form a strategy. Solid requirements can then be derived, be it for something small like collecting users emails on a website or something larger, like an entire iPhone or Android smartphone app or a paywall process. The base objectives and functionality will be outlined and we set about giving this functionality a flow and a face.

We define paths a user will take as they traverse from screen to screen, picking up & dropping off the necessary information as they proceed and then build these steps up into screens. Firstly via sketches, then refined into static and interactive wireframes. These lay the foundations of an interface and due to their reduced visualisation, allow for fast & efficient iteration. Time put into this stage reduces overall time-spent significantly, as we can solve conceptual & architectural problems, usability issues can be caught early and every stakeholder can be given a clear picture of what’s happening on the screen, before designs progress into detailed renderings of visual design, where changes become more costly.

We’ll oversee a designs transition firstly into visual design to ensure visual and layout cues continue to assist the users understanding of the interface & then the technical implementation to ensure the product behaves as we defined and work together with a developer to create the most fluid experience possible.

When a product is launched, its essentially born and must develop & adapt to survive. We’ll review it to look again and again for opportunities for optimisation and refinement, perhaps adjusting to the ever evolving digital ecosystem via responsive design or adjusting an interfaces intentions as we all learn more about its behaviour ‘in the wild’ via analytics and hone in on achieving its goals in better ways.

Why is it important?

Apps & websites that are hard to use, frustrate customers, forfeit revenue and erode brands
The benefits of investing time, effort & thought into the UI design of a product or service is quantifiable & immediate. The following aspects are proven responses to well designed digital experiences:

  • Increased site visits and conversions
  • Reduced development and software maintenance costs
  • Increased product sales, market share, and revenue
  • Decreased customer support costs
  • Improved brand perception and media coverage
  • Increased cross-sell and up-sell opportunities
  • Improved customer satisfaction and loyalty

Getting the user interface & interaction design right plays an integral role in implementing a successful digital strategy. Getting it wrong can mean your product or service doesn’t get the adoption it deserves & is left gathering dust. Our extensive experience in the field makes sure that doesn’t happen.

Services offered

Interaction design
User interface design
User journeys
User testing
UI evaluation & analysis

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