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I will begin by stating right away that I was not one of the more lucky coders who knew what they wanted to do with their lives right from the start, and who maybe wrote their first line of code at the age of 5.
I am rather one of the heretic latecomer devs (started at 28), who only after some years of trials and errors finally understood that coding is so, so cool (Code is poetry is what they said) and decided to follow this path.

I did study informatics in high school, and actually developed a pretty good understanding of algorithms, but then I decided to take a totally different route for college, I was trying to find my place in the world. Fast forwarding a few years and various jobs of all kinds and coolness degrees, I enrolled on a 9-month Wordpress web development course in my town. I began to love it so much that they even offered me a part time job there after I finished. So I got to teach a few lessons of basic JavaScript and jQuery. Very soon after that I landed my first job as a web developer and it was great!

Needless to say how much I still had to learn when I first started, but I also had the good luck of being part of a great team. This helped a lot during that time. I learned PHP more seriously using CodeIgniter, which I still think is a great starting point for becoming more aware of best practices, understanding design patterns and how MVC works, OOP, what is an ORM good for and all the goodies you would need to create a well built website. Later, I had to start working on a larger project using Laravel, I think this was when I learned the most. Also, in my spare time, I tried to take various jobs as a freelancer; I would work and learn at the same time some more, I thought. This was how I became familiar with Craft CMS (which I also love) and once I even had to build a small site using the German Typo3 (not great fun because, as I remember it, it was pretty hard to find good documentation back then).

Of course, most of our projects were Wordpress sites, and soon enough I was building themes and plugins from scratch. Gradually everything became more and more complex. We started using OOP, Composer packages, css preprocessors, js compilers, Twig engine template, APIs etc - when you look back at how things were done only a few years ago it seems kind of crazy how fast and what a long way everything went. But this was also always exciting: I still think it’s the coolest job in the world!

Recently I have joined the people at netzstrategen as a Wordpress developer. My work here is more focused on backend related tasks, so I get to contribute to the company’s own themes and plugins functionality (some of which are part of the public repository - also very, very cool). Besides that, I also got to be involved in the overall infrastructure management and performance, so I am always learning something new. I am glad to be part of this team of real professionals.