Evelia Molina

Since I was a little girl, I have loved to play around with hardware so I could discover how to break it and assembled it back. I was working as a front end developer for a banking company.
I mainly worked from the login area, so I was in charge of all operations clients may do online through the site. I studied IT, and one of the subjects was C++. This subject gave me the motivation to want to learn more about programming. (we did a little calculator, but it was enough for me to decide I didn’t want to install antennas, but getting deeper into programming). From there, I taught myself some web development watching thousands of tutorials and attending conferences until I had a good base to introduce myself to tech companies as a junior programmer. Indeed, I found a great company in England where they taught me a bit of all the process that creating a website implies; some front-end, and some back-end. Afterwards and because the needs of the company, I ended up focused on the front-end. After I completed my English certificates, the main reason I moved to England in the first place, I came back to Spain to work for the banking company, ignoring the real facts that working for a banking company has; their lack of digital on their systems. So… I decided to look for a company where I could use the latest technologies and grow at the same time that the digital world does.