Jim Morrison


Usually the guy asking 'why?' I define user goals, layout wireframes, design screens and often code the front-end, but I never do so without a good many questions about what I'm doing, what the customers intentions are & what the technical chances and restrictions may be.

I keep abreast of the changing services, standards, techniques and trends throughout the digital realm and distribute this inside the company, pulling it into projects as needed. I oversee what we create aesthetically, however a products function always stays at the forefront. Good design makes a product useful, looking good is simply the invitation.

I joined netzstrategen during the companies inception in early 2010 and played a key role in developing the companies in-house project division, as well as a hand in creating our unique working environment. During this time I've directed interactive design & creative for most of our largest engagements.

Its taken over 15 years experience in the online industry to bring me to this point. Previously I held a senior position in the User Experience group at SAP and I've worked for and inside a number of other companies including Gameforge, Resn, Shift, Cyperfection & Clemenger BDDO and with such clients as Roche, John Deer, BASF, Universal music, Honda, Air New zealand, Mitsubishi & Telecom NZ & the NZ government.

I'm a self-confessed information nut and bonafide generalist. The internet infinitely fuels these (pre)occupations, so its no wonder I gravitated towards it since its beginnings with both personal and professional intentions. It represents freedom, both of information and expression and a level playing field for the human race to learn and experience what was previously only for the privileged. At its most ultimate, its a sped up evolution, increased accessibility to knowledge and our peers develops us all, directly and indirectly at an exponential rate. It also offers human connection & having my family and a great many friends reachable only via digital channels has given email, facebook & skype a particular significance.

I've lived in Germany with my son & girlfriend and her son after first moving here in 2004. My german is sadly still decidedly average, but I have been known to put in a good effort at times. Most recently I've embraced the german Schrebergarten tradition, where I spend most of my time battling the forces of nature and feebly attempting to inflict my control over it. I've convinced myself its slowly bending to my ways.
Visualism & Interactive systems interest me greatly, alongside Hifi & expanding a large and varied music collection. I mountain bike when the weather is just right.

Wer mehr über mich und mein Fachgebiet erfahren möchte kann hier ein Interview mit mir lesen. Ich habe 10 Fragen zum Leben und arbeiten als netzstratege beantwortet.

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