Jim Morrison


Usually the guy asking 'why?' I define user goals, layout wireframes, design screens and often code the front-end, but I never do so without a good many questions about what I'm doing, what the customers intentions are & what the technical chances and restrictions may be.

I keep abreast of the changing services, standards, techniques and trends throughout the digital realm and distribute this inside the company, pulling it into projects as needed. I oversee what we create aesthetically, however a products function always stays at the forefront. Good design makes a product useful, looking good is simply the invitation.

I joined netzstrategen during the companies inception in early 2010 and played a key role in developing the companies in-house project division, as well as a hand in creating our unique working environment. During this time I've directed interactive design & creative for most of our largest engagements.

Its taken over 15 years experience in the online industry to bring me to this point. Previously I held a senior position in the User Experience group at SAP and I've worked for and inside a number of other companies including Gameforge, Resn, Shift, Cyperfection & Clemenger BDDO and with such clients as Roche, John Deer, BASF, Universal music, Honda, Air New zealand, Mitsubishi & Telecom NZ & the NZ government.