Joan López

Development Strategist
I don't know yet what life is about, but learning surely gives it quite a meaning. Learning to do something new and then taming your skills to do it really well is one of most motivating things you can do in life; sharing it with some keen and skilful team mates just makes it even better!.
I had my first contact with computers and programming as a teenager: I got a brand new programmable calculator as a gift when I began high school. That humble HP-25C wowed me with the discovering of a new world!

Some years later and after successive increasingly sophisticated programmable calculators, I built my first computer: a kit from an electronics magazine consisting on a board with a Rockwell 6502 8-bits CPU, 1 KB of RAM memory, 1K of EEPROM containing the OS, some input and output ports to interface with external electronics, a seven segments LED display and an hexadecimal keyboard to type programs. With that simple but magic toy, I learnt about assembler programming and compiling to machine language, being the compiler myself armed with some paper and pencil.

I spent the following years working in a family business. Electronics, RF paging systems and dedicated microcomputer boards design and programming became my professional activities, leading me to make up a more sophisticated device each time. And then personal computers and IBM PC clones arrived!

New toys, new challenges, new skills to learn. I jumped from electronics and embedded microcomputers to those new and incredibly powerful and versatile desktop computers. I learnt to build them from parts, customize them, connect them in small networks and install the programs customers needed for their businesses.

Soon after I went back to programming: the web and multimedia revolution had begun! I was 25 and started my career as a freelancer. As many times before, I was doing again what most liked: learning new skills and creating things that did not exist before. The new game was then coding web pages and interactive multimedia applications on CDROM for my customers, getting proficient with HTML, CSS, Lingo, ActionScript and mastering Macromedia Director, Flash, Photoshop, Fireworks and other tools of the trade.

As multimedia CDROM production declined, I focused my attention on web design and programming. I started then a long term passioned relationship with PHP and Javascript, adding WordPress to my tool belt and dipping my toes into HTML5, CSS3 and ES6.

I am is still fascinated and unable to escape from the charms of this ever changing and evolving world of web developing, which keeps me always in the urge of learning new skills and tools, improving and reviewing what I thought I already knew.

After a long career as a freelancer, I joined the netzstrategen team: a new adventure that has allowed me to meet the most capable and fine colleagues from whom to learn, share challenges and explore new uncharted territories.