Julià Mestieri

Software is always a community affair.

My passion for software development and the Internet began when I was in my teens. By practicing to code, I soon understood that the tech topics are always related to a community evolving, like the Internet protocol evolved from ArpaNet or the origin of the World Wide Web in the CERN. The software engineering is the result of a accumulated growth of community knowledge, and to contribute to this knowhow I usually work with free software projects, where it is possible to grow within an open community.

One of my favorite topics in software developement is closely related to this way of open collaboration: The communication via the Internet. From static websites to complex communication APIs, the question to answer is always the same: How to best move information around the world?

The many possbile answers allow me to join my passion for maths with working in projects about data processes, where the problem arises from turning huge amounts of digital information into something, which is understandable for humans.