Luca Pipolo


Paths are made by walking.

Growing up between my mothers passion for literature and my fathers pragmatic inventiveness, I’ve always been encouraged to look at the world with curiosity.

When the first computer, already a star in my house since the '90s, was replaced to make room for a Pentium II revolution, the ill-fated predecessor became my toy. The first step was to take it apart & reassemble it and then notice with surprise and joy that it still worked perfectly. Over time I began to dare more: replacing components, changing cases, overclocking the CPU. So, as a child, I realized that the computer was my passion.

When I became a teenager I got in touch with a family friend who worked in the IT sector, so I immersed myself in a world made of XHTML and CSS tags, where Linux replaced Windows and where web development took the place of the hardware tricks. It was clear: the computer was not only my passion but it could become my job. I spent the difficult years of high school between books, many friends and work that took more and more a definite shape until I started to collaborate with companies: first a small one that developed management software using Ruby on Rails, then an advertising agency where creativity was the daily bread.

In these years I’ve not only greatly improved my technical skills, but I also lived many experiences that have increasingly stimulated my curiosity about new technologies and beyond. I learned to work in team, to love the differences between each people I met on my path, and to love the uniqueness of the story that everyone builds in their own lives.

My desire to know, my wish for new experiences and my infinite passion for travel have allowed me to move to Spain, where I started this great new adventure with netzstrategen.