Maurine Kacel

Development Strategist
I was born in the midst of the nineties and naturally, I have always had an affinity for computer games and digital platforms.
My father taught me everything I needed to know about computers, using Windows, changing the bit rate to play older games like Little Big Adventure or Dyna Blaster.

After highschool, I first wanted to do something with my strong English speaking skills but I was unsure of my professional path within that domain. With some advice, I decided to join a Computer Sciences bachelor in France.

Few years later, the call for an international life resonated in me and I decided to participate in an Erasmus exchange to the Netherlands. Long story short: I never left. I found myself surrounded by international students and peers. I decided to complete a second bachelor in Communication, multimedia and design with a major in Game design and development. In the Netherlands I experienced a very insightful educational system and learned how to work within bigger groups, using Agile methods and 21st century skills.
Throughout my education, I found an internship in a small IT-bureau and that is how I came to realize that I actually had skills and a potential future in web design and development. I was hired after the internship and worked for two years, growing in web design and development of Wordpress websites, internal and client code bases.
I had an affinity for CSS kung-fu as we like to call it, and producing efficient and clean designs mainly built with theme builders such as Divi, Elementor, Beaver Builder.
Front-end wise, I have experience in mobile responsiveness, media queries, and I was slowly but surely involved in more projects. As 2020 took an unexpected turn, I also started some freelance and independent based projects. I also started a complete Javascript course and really came to like this web development stack.

After a slow year, I was wishing for more challenging and more focus on front-end engineering, and why not move somewhere new (and warm). That is how I came to find Netzstrategen. The rest is history!