Olga Cacenabes


Olga im Netz

I have always believed that the function makes the form, but it is not necessary to sacrifice the design.
I think there is a balance and functional things can also be beautiful, and that is my mission.

My two biggest interests since I was little have been art and technology. My great companion during my childhood has always been a box full of colored pencils and lots of different pens and markers.

In my school there was no option to study anything related to art so I decided to take the path of technology. When I finished my studies, I enrolled in university and there I started telecommunications engineering. After months, something inside me told me that this was not my place. As much as I liked mathematics, I needed something different, something more creative, alternative and that would awaken my emotions. At that time, a person close to my family who had contacts in the field of artistic education helped me clarify my ideas regarding my studies. That is when I discovered the world of design and my life took a totally different direction.

I completely changed my discipline and specialized for 4 years in graphic design and from there I jumped into the working world thanks to a teacher who welcomed me in his graphic design studio to start an internship. Later, I started working in a multidisciplinary studio where I was able to work with different design and technology disciplines and this is where I got introduced to the world of web design. Two years passed and I was offered to work in one of the largest technological multinationals in the world, and it was an offer I could not refuse.

Few years later I left ‘the giant’ to start working in something even more creative and grow as a design professional, so I became part of a branding agency based in Barcelona and this gave me the chance to lead the art interactive team.

Finally I was able to combine the two worlds that I love (art and technology), and that made me become what I am today.

After all this, I wanted a brand new adventure, so I joined netzstrategen and now I have the chance to work in a place that offers me new challenges, nice colleagues and time to grow and learn.