Rodrigo Aguilera

Turning ambitions into reality using software.

I came in real contact with digital technology when I was 15, my family bought a computer for academic purposes but it soon transformed into one of the most appreciated items in the house. Movies, internet communication, video games, etc. Video games were fun for sure but once you learn how they are built they lose a bit of the “magic” so my true interest was to go deeper and get to know what was happening under the hood of the computer. So I purchased on eBay a very old computer to tinker and borrowed some books from the library but they were too complicated for my level of understanding at that time.

Installing Linux in that old computer led to a lot of questions, those questions put me in contact with a community of users and this opened the door to a whole new world of unrestricted knowledge: free software.

With tools available at my fingertips I was able to set up websites for my family, forums for my group of friends and facilitate my own life by automating boring tasks.

I focused my education on IT and soon I was working building websites but after some years of experience I decided to get a full computer science degree to deepen into the subject.

While learning the foundations of digital technologies I never lost touch with different software communities that were the ones that really satisfied my curiosities for what was happening in the real world outside of academia. This got me involved into regular meetups, my first talks about some new cool technology recently discovered and even my first conferences where everyone had so much to share.

After college, I focused on the content management system Drupal, although it was regarded as “too complicated” for me it felt like clay, a tool that helps model many use cases for common web needs. I started collaborating with larger teams and bigger projects, uncovering new technologies, discovering new ways of leading a project to success, learning about the different meanings of quality and leveraging collaboration between different stakeholders. This ambition to know more about all the disciplines that take a web project to prosperity is what motivated me to join Netzstrategen.