Sara Kozińska


I spend lots of time on the Web, some of it even useful.

When I was younger, I always assumed I would be a vet. Then in high school I received an IT project: create a simple website. It took me a whole evening and night to learn what it’s all about but I must admit - it got me interested instantly.

So I started looking deeper into that subject. I installed Macromedia Flash MX then created some nicer and animated simple websites - just for me, just to know how it works. The whole concept of creating something from nothing with just ideas and a little knowledge was amazing for me. So this is how I decided that web development should be my career path.

My first "commercial" project was a Flash-based website with super simple "CMS" (based on text files and a PHP script). Then I discovered the Joomla CMS and from that moment on it all started to be a big thing for me. I got a job in an advertising agency as a web developer, which helped me learn a lot about how to create more useful and user-friendly websites.

After four years of working for two different agencies, I decided to be a freelancer. I worked with clients from Poland, USA and France creating websites based on Joomla, Prestashop, Wordpress and Magento.

That time gave me a lot of experience, released my creativity and offered me freedom. That time also made me realise that I will never get bored: this job forces you to learn constantly. There is always something new to discover, learn and use.

Someone said that "When something is such a creative medium as the web, the limits to it are our imagination". I couldn't agree more.

So here I am: working at netzstrategen and can't wait to see what's around that corner.