Tom Hare

Saving the web from over-eager designers and colour blind developers.

Tom has spent over eleven years building web user interfaces for organisations in the UK, Australia and Germany – he's also been known to float divs on deserted beaches in Cambodia and push a pixel or two on crowded Javanese train carriages – it's been quite a journey and a lot has changed...

One of the first tasks I was given when starting my very first, big-boy job as a web developer was figuring out the various CSS changes (fixes) in Internet Explorer 7. Firefox was gaining some traction and had this fancy new border-radius property which meant that you could put corners on boxes without using images! Wordpress looked like this and Chrome was still two years away from being invented.

Lots has changed in the intervening years. HTML5 has driven a new era of semantics and accessibility; CSS preprocessors like Sass have made writing organised, modular stylesheets much easier; build tools mean that performant code and crunched assets are now a given; JavaScript libraries and frameworks give us the ability to build rich desktop-like applications in the browser.

But the basics are still the same. Writing easy-to-understand, easy-to-maintain code which deals with specific problems and doesn't overreach. Assessing challenges and selecting the best tools for the job rather than just reaching for the new hotness. Learning from your experiences and making better decisions in the future.

Clean code is more than just aesthetics. Taking pride in your craft and helping out your teammates is an important aspect to a web developer's personality. I've always prided myself on writing well thought-out and succinct code so I've found a band of brothers and sisters here at netzstrategen. We work for each other, learn together and never stop striving for better.