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Khalifa Lame


1. Since when have you been part of the team?

I joined in November, 2021.

2. What do you like most about netzstrategen?

The people. Everyone I’ve met felt like a person. Very warm and welcoming, very empathetic. I also like the energy and daring attitude from everyone.

3. What is your daily business and in which field are you specialised?

Web development. Specifically, frontend development. I basically transform the UI designs into working apps.

4. What impresses you the most in your field?

Simplicity. UX problems are complex and intertwined, therefore, the most impressive thing to me, is simple solutions to these complex challenges.

5. How would you explain your job to your mum?

Goodness! Hmm I’d have to start with what a website is, unfortunately. What can I say, she’s not a techie by any stretch.

6. Any tip concerning your field you’d like to give away?

UX is like a joke. If you have to explain it, it’s not a good one. Good UX should be intuitive or teach itself to the user.

Khalifa Lame's favorite Values

Commit yourself
Share what you know
Love what you do
Harvest together

7. Which sources help you to stay up to date?

Fireship.io, Jamstack Conf, Svelte Summit, Discord communities, Unreal Engine blog, Unity blog.

8. Any Apps you couldn’t live without?

Firefox, VS Code, Blender

9. If someone would delete the internet tomorrow, what else would you do?

Farming. I love growing plants and raising animals.

10. Tell us a secret about yourself, something you haven’t told anyone yet?

I like dogs too. Everyone always asks me “cats or dogs”, like they’re mutually exclusive. So I always just answer cats. But dogs are totally cool too.

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