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Happy those who knew in their childhood what they want to become - I've needed a little more time.

After my training and a few years in purchasing and sales department in 1997 I wanted to try something new. At that time I bought my first computer with internet, a huge box that occupied the whole desk. Through the Internet, a completely new world opened up for me. I became more and more interested in programming websites and shop systems, so I soon came up with the idea of becoming self-employed with a web shop.

I didn't had much experience in creating websites and there were none e-commerce systems like Magento or WooCommerce, and so I looked for a software company nearby, which offered a shop software. Together we created my shop and at the same time, we made their software fit for a variety of products and categories. I started making HTML changes to the homepage and later I even dared to make small changes to the shop programming.

Hard to imagine today, but at that time I had bizarre conversations with bankers, who had not heard of e-commerce! I even got the statement that auto tuning parts will never sell over the internet. They are probably all loyal customers of Amazon today ;-)

After a few years I realized that I loved developing the webshop instead of running it. I wanted to build websites and not want to be a dealer anymore.
So I decided to sell the shop and to start training as a "multimedia producer" at SAE-Hamburg. There I learned PHP, MySQL, JavaScript and CSS.

After completing my training, I first worked as a freelancer and later 15 years in a company as a web developer. During this time I was able to deepen my knowledge and quickly became responsible for the topics SEO and SEM. Over the years, these two topics became more and more of the focus of my work, with SEO was always my favourite topic and has remained until today.

After moving to Barcelona in 2017, I worked as a freelance for the same German company. But working without a team and without the development opportunities that were no longer possible there, made me feel increasingly dissatisfied. I started looking for a new company in Barcelona. This one should give me the opportunity to work as a team and grow professionally in new tasks. Then I found the Netzstrategen. After the first meeting at the Barcelona office, I realized: that was exactly what I was looking for.

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