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Magda Ocasiones

People Operations Strategian

I worked for a multinational company called Hankel; My job was sales and marketing consultant.I was able to build relationships with my clients and they trusted my marketing strategy and advice; Also, this german company showed me the importance of taking care of our employees and to have a culture in a company. I worked there for 6 years while I was studying. I graduated as an Economist with an emphasis on international business. I wanted to keep developing my career and travel so I found a great opportunity to do my MBA in Barcelona. When I completed my two year MBA I got a job in a german agency. They specialized in the design and development of online shops for fashion brands in Europe like such as Esprit, Hugo Boss, Escada and Jack Wolfskin. I was responsible for the overall management of the office. I supported teams and collaborated among departments. Because I work well with a team, I built an excellent relationship with the different internal departments (project management, design, development). The clients and my team trusted me because I was reliable and committed to managing any project to meet our client’s expectations. Also, I was able to provide insights regarding consumer behavior for fashion brands.

What matters in life is not what happens to you but what you remember and how you remember it - Gabriel García Márquez.

I started in netzstrategen as an Office Manager for the Barcelona office. But also, I’m responsible for HR area and I’ve been collaborating with great colleagues. I’m excited about the new challenges and adventures with this company.

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