What is e-mail marketing strategy?

Email marketing is an effective marketing tool to generate more revenue because:

  • You already have a lot of information about existing customers.
  • It provides direct access to your customers.
  • Depending on the customer journey, you can send individualized content.

You can use all of this, for example, by sending individual offers to your customers at appropriate times based on their previous order history. In the long run, this gives you the chance to build a strong customer relationship and strengthen customer loyalty.

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Why is e-mail marketing important?

Online marketing encompasses all measures and marketing activities implemented in online media. Our goal here is to accompany your customers along the customer journey and optimize your digital brand presence.

We assist you in finding the most efficient measure to achieve your individual goals in online marketing. Together with you, we analyze insights about your target audience, examine the company’s objectives, and develop the optimal customer journey based on them. Because only through this can authentic communication with your (potential) customers be achieved, ensuring subsequent dialogue.

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How we work

If you have no prior experience in e-mail marketing, that’s not a problem. We’re happy to start from the beginning with you and guide you through everything. We can also tailor our approach to integrate any existing email marketing efforts you may already have in place.

Before developing an email marketing strategy, we begin by analyzing all emails already sent to customers. It’s essential to understand the customer journey and identify the target audience for these emails. Additionally, we consider current industry benchmarks and conduct a thorough competitive analysis. From there, we derive a plan tailored to your needs. Initially, we focus on optimizing existing emails, which often yields significant results.

Implementation of your strategy

In the next step, we ask ourselves: What kind of emails do we need to achieve our goal? There are nearly endless possibilities for email communication. The specific types of emails used depend on the respective customer journey because the focus should always be on providing the best customer experience. We keep in mind which target audience prefers which type of communication, and tailor our approach accordingly.

Online Marketing Topics

Social Media Strategy

Reach your customers efficiently with a solid social media strategy

Performance Marketing

We take care of your performance marketing strategy and implement it.

Strategy workshop for e-mail marketing

With data-driven email marketing, you will approach your customers in a more targeted and effective way. We analyze your collected data and optimize your email marketing based on that. In the workshop, we collaboratively create personas based on your target audience and accordingly plan the customer journey. Then, we plan measures aligned with your business goals. After the email marketing strategy workshop, you will know:

  • Where in the customer journey you can effectively use e-mails.
  • Which content in the mailings works for your target audience.
  • Which segments you should address and how often.
  • How to optimize your data to effectively reach customers.

Here’s an overview of our services:

As a digital consultancy, we focus on the most effective and suitable e-mail strategy; we do not create templates. We work together with our clients to build this strategy based on thorough analyses and checking of existing emails.

In collaboration with other disciplines such as social media, e-commerce, performance marketing, and SEO, we also assist in developing a holistic content strategy. For continuous optimization, we handle tracking setup, analyze measures, derive insights, and implement optimization approaches such as A/B testing.

Additionally, we offer workshops on e-mail marketing to impart the necessary knowledge about email marketing and email strategies.

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