What is User Testing?

In our user centered design process, we use different research methods to help us find out what your users really need. The tests show how users behave, where they have problems, and where they drop out in the user journey. That’s why we regularly conduct evaluations and incorporate this view into our optimizations. There are various methods for this, which we use and incorporate at the individual steps of the process or project:

Contextual User Interviews are a qualitative method. We use it at the beginning of a project to find out what users want and what their needs are. The users are interviewed in the relevant context of use and in their respective roles. The aim here is to find out what they actually need or want to do with the product. The results are then incorporated into the design and implementation phases of the project.

Usability Testing is a qualitative testing method that is used during and at the end of a project, where we test one predefined aspect of your digital product. This can take place remotely or on site. For example, a test can be finding and ordering a product. During the test, all actions and reactions the test subject has are recorded and subsequently evaluated. We provide a clear test concept, organize suitable testers from your target group, and share the results with you in a detailed presentation.

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Quantitative testing methods

A/B testing is a quantitative method used to evaluate design variations and find out what will work better for the target audience. For example, it can be used for an existing product where a specific detail or feature (e.g. a button text or the font color of a price quotation) needs to be tested. We use the Google Optimize tool, which provides a random distribution of the users who get a version of the landing page played out. Beforehand, we determine what exactly the goal is (for example, what will be clicked more) and what will be tested. Google Optimize also provides us with the necessary data for the evaluation to decide what works better.

Tree Testing is a quantitative method used to find errors and weaknesses in the information architecture of your website. For this, we only need a sitemap of your website. The testers are given tasks in which they have to find a specific piece of information. With the data of about 40 test participants, we can see where problems occur in finding information. Based on the results, we can suggest useful optimizations for the information architecture of your website in the right places.

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