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Effective content makes your company visible and helps you acquire new customers. To achieve these goals, well-structured and relevant content is necessary that meets your target audience where they are: in search engines, on your website, on social media, or through newsletters.

Creating good content that achieves this costs time and resources. Your content creation should therefore always be based on an overarching content strategy. Otherwise, aimless SEO texts are produced that may be optimized for search engines but do not motivate users to take the desired actions. Therefore, we define our desired outcomes in the content strategy before creating the content.

This is done based on structured briefings, in which key aspects are defined: text type, text content and structure, SEO, objectives, and the contextual embedding of the content. Thus, the produced content pieces build on each other and collectively impact the defined goals.

This is where we come in. We support you in content creation and create content that:

  • supports your overarching content strategy and business goals,
  • presents your products and services without being too promotional,
  • is found by your target audience, appeals to them, and engages them,
  • is useful and offers a concrete solution, and
  • motivates users to take valuable actions.

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How we create content

Define goals: At the start of the project, we jointly examine the current state of your content. We discuss the objectives of the content strategy together and further develop them if necessary.

Content audit: If there is already existing content, we analyze it in a content audit and categorize it according to the objectives. If not already done as part of the content strategy, we also develop and prioritize relevant topics.

Content optimization: If there is untapped potential in your existing content, we also take care of content optimization. SEO, content, structure, and cross-media preparation are adjusted to the defined strategy. We look at individual pages as well as the overall website context and coordinate, merge, or segment as necessary.

Keyword research: For content creation, we deepen the keyword research of the overarching strategy for every new piece of content to be produced. We examine how much relevant search terms are searched for by your target audience and analyze the competition. From this, we develop a keyword set for each piece of content that covers key questions, synonyms, and related search terms, tailored to the specific needs of your target audience and your company.

Briefing creation: Before the individual content pages are written, we create a briefing for each. The keyword set is supplemented by content research and structure, format, channel, objectives, and the overall context. The briefing also includes specifications to ensure, for example, text length, reader address, visual elements, and tonality match the corporate identity and ensure a uniform appearance.

Content creation: Based on the briefings, the content is created. This can be implemented by your internal marketing team, another external content agency, or by us. Our writers take care of creating texts for your website and prepare it for further channels such as search engine advertising, newsletters, and social media.

We are also happy to collaborate with your colleagues or coordinate already engaged agencies and freelancers. You or your colleagues can clarify any queries with us at any time.

Monitoring: After completion, the content undergoes continuous audit & optimization. In this phase, performance is continuously monitored, and the content is optimized as necessary to better align with users, respond to search engine updates, or changing company goals.

Sparring & consulting: Throughout the entire project and beyond, we are at your side for operational and strategic questions. We accompany you on your journey so that you enjoy content creation as much as we do – we call this part of our work sparring and consulting.

Start your project now together with us.
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What we offer

  • Content Audit: Analysis of existing content for optimization potential.
  • Content Editing: Optimization of existing content for SEO.
  • Content Merge: Merging of existing content pieces.
  • Content Briefings: Creation of content briefings for handover to internal departments or external service providers.
  • Content Creation: Creation of content based on the content strategy.
  • Cross-Media Preparation: Text creation, copywriting, SEO texts, ads texts, newsletters, social media content.
  • Content Maintenance: Integration and publishing of the created content.
  • Training and Workshops: Imparting basic knowledge on content creation.
  • Sparring and Consulting: Consulting on all operational and strategic questions concerning content creation.

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