What is SEO strategy?

SEO is particularly relevant in the early stages of the customer journey when your potential customers are seeking information on specific topics. In keyword research, we refer to this as Navigation Keywords, Information Keywords, and Research Keywords. As the user progresses in their journey and transitions to Transaction Keywords, search ads become more relevant.

During the early stages of the customer journey, the user seeks orientation and information. Advertising on such keywords often leads to significant wastage as your potential customers are still far from making a purchase decision. However, it makes sense to engage users with good organic content early on and then lead them towards a purchase through further measures such as retargeting. After creating the customer journey, we assign appropriate keywords to each phase and decide where SEO and SEA play a crucial role.

In addition to the topics within the content strategy, it is also important for the website to rank for relevant product and brand keywords. To make the right selection of keywords, we create a Golden Keyword list, where we record our strategically important keywords to maintain a clear strategic direction throughout the project.

For each Golden Keyword within the SEO strategy, we determine:

  • Priority
  • Search volume
  • Current ranking
  • Associated landing page
  • Phase in the customer journey
  • Measures to propel us forward with this keyword

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Why is SEO important?

User behavior and search engines like Google are constantly evolving. With each new Google update, website managers face new challenges. However, with our expertise and an SEO strategy tailored to your website, we can help you achieve top-10 rankings. The fact is that you are hardly clicked on the back pages of search results. With a long-term SEO strategy, you will gain more and more visibility on the web.

Compared to SEA, SEO is more cost-effective because it can acquire customers through organic search instead of spending monthly budgets on advertisements. SEO provides free traffic that doesn’t disappear immediately – unlike SEA, where ads stop running when the budget is exhausted. However, SEO and SEA can be effectively combined, ensuring a comprehensive online presence within search engine marketing.

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How do we create SEO strategies?

A workflow at netzstrategen in the SEO field looks like this:

  • Development of customer journey: What path does the user take until conversion?
  • Definition of channels along the customer journey: Does SEO make sense?
  • Definition of Golden Keywords: What do we want to rank for and be found by users?
  • Setting measures using Golden Keywords: How do we achieve our goal?


For SEO projects, we start with an SEO analysis in which we focus on two factors:

  1. We get a clear picture of your site regarding:

    • visibility
    • keywords
    • rankings
    • level of technical optimization.

  2. The market is also relevant, and we analyze:

    • search volume
    • trends
    • competitors.

Based on these results, we derive corresponding measures and create an individual plan for your website optimization.

For existing websites, the first step is usually to address technical errors to meet Google’s hygiene factors and give the content a better chance for good rankings. This ensures that the right content can be crawled and indexed by Google.

Once the technical issues are addressed, we begin with content optimization. Here, we have a three-pronged approach:

  • CTR optimization in the form of quick wins
  • Ranking optimization as medium-term measures
  • Occupying new topics as a long-term expansion of rankings

Especially within point 3 – occupying new topics – the planning and implementation of measures go hand in hand with a content strategy aligned with your business goals.

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