Support and optimization of the strategy

The game starts after the match has finished, as the saying goes. The relaunch is done, the online store is up and running, the campaigns are underway – now it’s time to keep on track of your digital business strategy. In more concrete terms, this means asking the right questions, finding the right answers, and keeping the entire structure on the right course.

Even in established companies or departments, questions often arise spontaneously or issues come up unexpectedly. One does not always have the necessary orientation and reference points of the preceding project to find immediate answers in each respective situation.

This is exactly where our sparring and consulting comes in. In our numerous projects, we have gathered expertise and practical experience and up-to-date knowledge from many digital disciplines. With our dynamic sparring and consulting services, we’ll help you make the necessary decisions. 

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We test your company's digital maturity and support its further development.
We will show you current best practices and work together to develop your digital fields of action.
We'll test the digital maturity of your company and support your development.

Pinpoint support with digital consulting

A specific issue in your project or company is unresolved: either there is a lack of expertise to find the answer or the methodology used to approach the problem is unclear.

We can help in both cases. You can either bring us in as external support to then take over the moderation and procedure of the project and outline the path forward. Or a consultant from our team joins your project as an expert and fills in the expertise accordingly. We have experts from tracking and metrics, marketing, design, technology, and e-commerce, who are able to contribute the knowledge crucial to drive your project forward with a concrete proposal for action.

Ongoing support in the form of sparring appointments

Through regular sparring, we can support our clients with a permanent external view on their activities and projects. This helps them stay aware of trends and market changes at an early stage, or to quickly identify suboptimal courses of action and find possible solutions.


In existing, monthly, or quarterly meetings we provide feedback on key figures, results, projects, or initiatives, and support the analysis and decision-making process.

We often get actively involved in the agenda, prepare reports, and give external impulses in order to make the best use of the meeting time. Our various disciplines also come into play here, either contributing to the preparation or by being present at the meeting themselves to answer questions directly.

Start your project now together with us.
We look forward to your ideas and are happy to support your endeavor, whether it's a new project or restructuring.

How does sparring and consulting proceed?

After an initial discussion of the acute problems, we make a concrete proposal as to how we can best provide support in the given situation from our point of view – both in terms of content and expenditure. We then prepare a concrete offer, either for a limited consultation on the desired topic or in the form of longer, regular support.

It is also possible to conclude a sparring package that runs over a mutually defined period of time.

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We take a close look at your current strategy and make recommendations for action.

Get to know your (potential) customers and their needs.

Find out how you can be found online and how you can show users the way.

We develop the digital strategy for your company.

We carefully analyze your digital potential on the market and plan the next steps.

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Learn more about what we do with and for our partners, how we develop strategies that help them reach their goals, and how we support their digital journey.

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We'll test the digital maturity of your company and support your development.
We create your Digital Game Plan and help you achieve your goals.
We test your company's digital maturity and support its further development.

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