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What is SEO and content consulting?

SEO is relevant in the early stages of the customer journey – pretty much as soon as potential customers start to research your product or service. But in SEO, a (visually) appealing website is only half the battle:

On one side, your customers should directly encounter your unique content on the first page of Google amidst the constantly growing thicket of providers, and on the other side, all technical requirements from Google should be met. An SEO and content strategy helps you be found by potential customers, and also strengthens your brand. The effort you invest in optimization significantly contributes to customer acquisition. We’ll assist you in this and make you visible on the net!

How we work together

As your sparring partner, our goal is to make you digitally capable in the long term and to sustainably grow your website.

Depending on the status of your website, we define the appropriate project setup in an initial conversation. This ensures that we hit the mark 100%.

We analyze the current status of your website, identify optimization potentials, and together with you, we develop a strategy to sustainably strengthen your online presence.

SEO and Content topics

Content Strategy

We develop a content strategy that makes you visible to your target group and convinces them with your expertise.

SEO Strategy

We help you to be found better by your customers with an SEO strategy.

Get to know your users and their journey from first contact to conversion.

SEO strategy: developing a roadmap

With our long-standing expertise in the SEO sector and solid data, we derive a strategy from the current website status quo that sustainably advances your digital presence. Together, during our SEO consultancy, we develop a roadmap that specifically names which components are needed and the priority with which they should be addressed.

SEO sparring: continuous collaboration

As part of our SEO sparring, we continue to accompany you even after setting up your SEO strategy and remain at your side with advice. For example, we analyze errors reported by our tools, investigate their cause, assess the priority, and give you a clear action recommendation for further processing.

In SEO sparring, we work together on both the content and technical aspects of the site. We meet at regular intervals to discuss upcoming tasks and review the development. Additionally, if needed, we monitor your most important keywords and keep you updated on the development of your visibility.

Long-term work on a project promises sustainable success. Unfortunately, there is no “one thing” that can get you to the top of the search results overnight. But a well-founded strategy, pursued over the long term, typically results in a positive development of visibility – and positioning for the most strategically relevant keywords.

SEO training: we show you how it's done

Do you want to learn SEO from scratch or discuss the status quo of your website with agencies on equal terms? Then come to us, we offer customized further education and training for you and your team.

We also support you with strategic expertise in the field of email marketing to target your customers with relevant content and inform them about your products or services.
In flexible strategy workshops, we will be happy to work out with you in detail how you can create a solid database for your target group and develop suitable email marketing strategies.

Content strategy: more than just words

Closely linked to the SEO strategy is the content strategy. After all, content is the heart of your website and crucial for the success of your SEO efforts. For appealing content optimized for the most important keywords, our content writers from Content Carl are your best contacts.

We support you in your content marketing strategy: in topic and keyword research, in creating SEO-optimized content briefings, and we’re also happy to take over content creation – or provide you and your external partners with regular sparring. Our goal is for your target audience to come across your website and there find exactly the kind of content they were looking for.

Project workflow in SEO and content

Step 1: initial consultation

The content strategy is closely linked to the SEO strategy. Our content strategists are responsible for creating appealing content that is optimized for the most important keywords.

We support you with your content marketing strategy: with topic and keyword research, SEO-optimized content briefings and are also happy to take over content creation – or support you and your external partners with regular sparring.

Our goal is to ensure that your website is found by your target group and that it contains the content they are looking for.

Step 2: analysis phase

There are fundamental procedures for the start of a collaboration that have proven themselves in practice. Usually, we begin our SEO consultancy with an audit to take a look under the hood of your website. This gives us a solid basis to derive the right measures and represent them in an SEO strategy.

Over the years, we have compiled a set of tools that allow us to dive deep into your website. These include the Google Search Console, and primarily Ryte, Sistrix, and Screaming Frog, for which we have also completed respective training. It’s important to note: although we can achieve many of your goals with SEO, a good marketing mix naturally includes other measures. SEO and SEA, in particular, should always be planned and implemented in coordination. Once we have the results of the audit, the collaboration usually really starts. Because now we have a concrete plan of the steps we need to take to achieve the goals and how to make your website more visible.

Step 3: implementation and sparring

In the third step, the implementation of our previously defined measures takes place. Typically, the project focuses on either technical or content aspects – in larger projects, both areas proceed in parallel. We are happy to support you in implementing both.

Often, however, we also act as sparring partners for SEO and content teams. We are the first point of contact for questions about SEO, decision-making on new topics or decisions for the website, and also coordinate the requirements of multiple stakeholders to achieve the defined goals.

Thus, we’re on your side for the entire process. Our expertise in the areas of digital strategy and SEO consultancy enables us to flexibly respond to changes and continuously adapt measures to new requirements.

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