What is Social Media Strategy?

The field of social media has become increasingly prominent in online marketing in recent years and is now indispensable for almost any company. Regardless of the channels involved, social media accompanies the entire customer journey and has become an integral part of the marketing mix.

As a company, it gives you the opportunity to communicate with your customers on an equal footing. You can keep them informed about new products or services, ask for their opinions, and generate attention with targeted social media content to increase your reach.

How do we work?

The first crucial step for your social media strategy is audience analysis. Initially, we discuss the current situation and, if already existing, closely examine your social media channels: Which audience is currently being addressed? Which channels are being used, and which audience should be focused on in the future?

For precise audience definition, we establish personas and tailor them to the various digital channels. This involves defining their needs, desires, and pain points. Only through a comprehensive analysis can quantitative potentials and goals be determined.

Upon request, we can also conduct a competitive analysis. Once the target audiences are defined, the relevant channels are opened, and a format and editorial plan are implemented. Subsequently, we allocate a media budget and establish all measures and objectives.

Through audience analysis, content in the form of images and videos can be cost-effective and precisely targeted to your customers based on their customer journey.

In collaboration with Marketing Monsters, we create social media advertising (Ads) directly targeted at the respective audience. To do this, we formulate hypotheses and accordingly build campaign structures and visuals. All of this follows the funnel principle.

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