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You already have an online store but wonder which online marketing strategies will help you reach your marketing goals? We’ve got your back. Successful e-commerce marketing requires a solid technical foundation, and nowadays, drawing users towards your online store requires more and more adjustments. Therefore, you should take advantage of the plethora of options when it comes to e-commerce marketing strategies. Make proactive efforts to promote your store and show what you have to offer! Keeping tabs on costs and ROAS at all times, we’ll help you start the right measures at the right time.

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We take a look under the hood of your shop and thoroughly test the processes.

Your e-commerce marketing strategy with us at netzstrategen

In the first step of your e-commerce marketing strategy, we thoroughly examine your online store from top to bottom. During our analysis, we check if your online store functions as it should and as you want it to. We pay special attention to technical issues and usability, i.e., how user-friendly your shop is.
In the second step, we’ll check the quality of the product content as it often forms the basis for various marketing activities. For example, can a product landing page serve as the target page for a performance campaign? In the next step, we’ll set up comprehensive tracking to ensure that the effects of your online marketing efforts can be measured correctly. Once that’s in order, the data feeds needed for Google, Bing, Facebook, or Instagram, for instance, can be created and optimized.
As soon as the first measures are underway, whether paid or organic, the analysis of metrics and ongoing improvement of measures begin.

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Which online marketing strategies will suit your online store?

The goal of your e-commerce strategy must be to build awareness and trust in your brand among potential customers and to win new customers for your brand. Together with you, we design your online marketing mix in a way that allows you to reach your potential customers through many different channels:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Your product pages must be set up to be Google-friendly. A search engine-friendly online shop includes, among other things, keyword-optimized product texts. We offer you an SEO full check in which we examine the content on your website and derive corresponding actions for your e-commerce marketing strategy.

Search Engine Advertising (Google Ads)

Dein Online-Shop kann entweder auf Google über die organischen Suchergebnisse gefunden werden oder Du hast die Möglichkeit Google Anzeigen zu schalten.

E-Mail Marketing

Carefully prepared newsletters with relevant content are particularly well-received by end customers. The best part about an email is that it establishes a direct connection between you and your customers, providing an ideal framework for delivering important messages. It’s an excellent online marketing strategy for retaining your customers with exclusive offers or winning new customers with discounts.

Social Media

The various social media channels allow you to start with your brand communication even before opening your shop. Spark the curiosity of your potential customers with Instagram stories and well-prepared posts. Involve your followers in the build-up of your store and tease new products with “Coming Soon” and “Sneak Peek” content.

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Learn about your users and their journey from the first contact to conversion.

We take care of the appropriate setup for your shop.

We work with you to build a sustainable e-commerce organizational structure.

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