Who we are

Who we are

We create and implement a digital game plan tailored to your business.​

Digital strategy consulting from Karlsruhe

To help our clients navigate the digital world, we work in teams of experts from different digital disciplines. After all, a good strategy must take into account all aspects of the digital world. On this page, you’ll learn more about us netzstrategen: the different disciplines we work in and how we go about working together, how we bring in external collaborators, and how you can join us.

Facts and figures about us

We love numbers and statistics! Not only do they help us make strategic decisions, but they also give us an overview of what’s happening in general. Get to know us better with these facts and figures:
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company foundation
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SEO Strategin Anna Gienger von den netzstrategen erklärt SEO Basics in einem Workshop

How we work

We’ll launch your online business, optimize your online presence, and further develop your digital products. And we’ll teach you anything you need to know in the process so that you can continue to do it on your own. We have found this method is most likely to lead to success, but it also entails a way of working together that you might be unfamiliar with:

The tools we work with

Digital Game Plan

The development of the digital economy has created countless new channels for communication. What started out as an additional marketing tool has become an important area of investment. This is where our digital game plan comes in.​

How we work

To us, the most important thing is everyone’s promise to get their work done. When and where you do it is up to you, whether that’s in the office, from home or on the road.

We value our work

Our values are a representation of how we work independently, as a team, or with our clients. Learn more about how we work together and what to expect from working with us.

Where we work

You’ll find us at four different offices in three cities and remotely anywhere in the world. Drop by for a coffee anytime you’re in the area, we look forward to meeting you!


The area that used to be Karlsruhe’s former slaughter yard has been developed into modern office spaces Kreativpark Alter Schlachthof for a few years now.


Our Cologne office is located right in the heart of the en-vogue Ehrenfeld quarter. By now, we offer a variety of courses and consulting in our academy.


On a total of about 2000 square feet, we have two meeting rooms, a kitchen, a chill-out zone and space for up to 12 strategists.

Our teams

Our teams bring together expert knowledge from all important digital disciplines to create and implement your personalized digital game plan. As a result, the exchange between the individual disciplines can get quite intense, so feel free to have a look around and see who it is you’ll be working with

netzstrategen after-work event in Karlsruhe: #nmfka

Let’s call it a day! Our #nmfka after-work event takes place every second Tuesday of the month. In addition to exciting talks, you have the opportunity to meet people and get to know us.

Our accomplices

As a digital strategy consultancy, we help you find your way into the digital world and navigate it. We not only want to accompany you on your journey, but to inspire you with our enthusiasm. To achieve this, we work across various disciplines on the planning, implementation, marketing, and qualification of your digital game plan.

We empower your digital shift

We organize events, webinars, and seminars on digital topics.

We market your digital shift

We organize events, webinars, and seminars on digital topics.