What is performance marketing?​

Performance marketing refers to a marketing strategy that focuses on data-driven analyses. Through measured data and regular analyses, the performance of individual marketing campaigns becomes visible, allowing failures to be identified and successes to be optimized.

The usual aim of performance marketing is customer acquisition, customer retention, or to help drive forward e-commerce. But that’s not all! With a targeted online marketing strategy, you can support your presence on the internet and increase your reach. Various search engines such as Google, YouTube, Microsoft, and social networks like Instagram, Facebook, or LinkedIn are available as marketing channels.

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Effectively reach your target audience and optimize your conversion opportunities with our audit.

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This is how we implement your project together:

For a successful start to the measures in performance marketing, we first need a functioning landing page to which all potential customers can be directed.

Next, we create a tracking concept that allows us to measure all traffic on your website. We check your existing campaigns if applicable, define goals in consultation with you, and set up a precise target audience.

After setting up or analyzing your accounts, we create a long-term campaign plan. Then, we launch new campaigns, collect data, and regularly optimize them.

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Effectively reach your target audience and optimize your conversion opportunities with our audit.

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