How does custom web development serve your business goals?

Your website is a key element that helps you meet the needs of your target audience and achieve your goals. In order to do that, your website must not only offer good content. It must be easy to navigate for users, technically flawless, optimized for search engines, and finally allow for analysis.

This leads to specific individual requirements for your website regarding its design, functions, structure, and content. These can quickly become very complex. All-inclusive solutions are limited in this respect and are better suited for smaller websites and new or temporary projects. For more complex requirements, you need a website that is tailored to your goals, processes, requirements, and the expectations of your target audience.

With our custom web development service, we support you in your company’s complex and individual goals. In close consultation with you, we develop solutions that:

Starting from scratch is not only time-consuming, but also cost-intensive. That’s why we proceed as efficiently as possible in all projects. We build on existing potential and adapt individual building blocks to your specific requirements. This way, we not only save time and money, but these solutions are also more stable and flexible, since the individual modules have already been tested and can be expanded at any time. 

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Your benefits

Individual functions: Custom web development allows you to create websites with individual features that exactly match your requirements and the needs of your target audience. This way we create a user-friendly, stable and reliable website for you.

Scalability: Custom web development allows you to expand your website in a dynamic and targeted way. No matter if it’s an online store, a blog, additional language versions, or a login area that will follow – your website will grow with your company.

Long-term investment: Custom web development is a long-term investment. The initial effort is higher than with flat-rate complete solutions, but in the long run it pays off many times over. Since your website is ideally tailored to the needs of the company and the target group, users are more effectively brought to conversion.

User Experience: Custom web development is based on a specific target group. The website’s structure, functions, and content are thus precisely aligned with your business goals and target group. The resulting outstanding user experience is crucial for winning users.

Performance: Modular systems often consist of numerous plugins that provide central functions but also come with compromises. For example, some plugins contain unnecessary functions or are not compatible with each other. This limits the performance of your website, which can lead to longer loading times and a poorer user experience.

SEO: The performance of websites is a key factor for search engines, too. Although they do not differentiate between template-based and custom websites, the latter often perform better because they are limited to the essentials. In addition, good performance leads to a better user experience, so that websites tailored to a specific target group are more visible in search engines. The chance of your target group finding it is thus much higher.

Branding: Template-based websites are often very similar in their design and underlying structure, as they can only be customized to a limited extent. Custom web development, on the other hand, is unique and shows off your brand. It helps your website stand out from your competitors and look professional and trustworthy.

Sustainability: With custom web development, developers can ensure ideal coding, which can lead to faster loading speed and better website performance. In contrast, cookie-cutter solutions that come with many unused features and code blocks can lead to higher server load and energy consumption.

Development Topics

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Custom web development: our process

Define goals: In the Digital Game Plan, we work with you to define the overarching goals and measures for your digital strategy tailored to your company and your needs. We also consider aspects from a data, design, UX, content, and SEO perspective. From this, we derive the technical requirements that your website must meet.

As-is analysis: In coordination with our tracking team, we analyze the existing website and its user behavior. Based on this, we define which elements of the website will be retained, revised, or newly created, as well as which target group is the main focus of the implementation. 

Development: We develop individual solutions for specific requirements. For the most efficient approach, we check whether there are already existing plugins or other solutions that can be adapted to the requirements. Especially for time-limited projects or testing new products, this approach is useful to be able to validate results quickly. This way we can develop individual solutions and save time and costs. 

Monitoring: We take care of the ongoing maintenance and ensure reliable and trouble-free operation of the systems. In doing so, we control the performance such as website speed and server load in an automated way.  In addition, we also take care of the ongoing optimization of the website.

Further development: Over time, goals and priorities in a company can change, and with them the requirements for technical solutions. We are happy to support you in the long term and adapt the solutions to your changing needs and goals.

Our projects

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