The Shop System - the Technical Foundation in E-Commerce

The foundation of every online shop is the system it runs on. So, if you’re planning a relaunch or starting out in e-commerce, you’re faced with the choice of the right shop system. The selection is almost limitless: open-source, purchase, or rental software. In our opinion, there isn’t one perfect solution – but not to worry. We’ll help you find the shop system!

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Requirements determine your shop system

The decision for a shop system usually comes at the beginning of your e-commerce strategy. But we have also done projects in which running online shops needed to be migrated. The most important thing is to know the specific current and possible future requirements for your online shop. Typical questions include: How many products does your range encompass? How complex are your products? What filtering functions do you need for your products? Which payment methods do you want to offer? And what integrations with marketing portals do you need?

Using the answers to these questions, we can deduce which shop system is best suited to your e-commerce strategy. We capture and define all foreseeable features and compare them with feature lists and our experience. If necessary, we also conduct initial practical tests with shop systems – after all, the devil is usually in the details, which is why sometimes a quick test is worthwhile before committing to a shop system. In this context, the planned interfaces to other systems such as merchandise management, accounting systems, payment providers, etc., are also important. Here too, having as complete a picture as possible before making a decision can influence the choice of the shop system.

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What can we do for you specifically? Together with you, we gather and define the requirements that your online shop must meet and support you in selecting possible shop systems. During implementation, our allies from boxwise are ready to lend a helping hand.

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