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A successful online shop requires many helping hands, as well as qualified individuals for various tasks: correctly managing and maintaining products, customer service, responding to inquiries, and handling complaints. As an entrepreneur, how do you build a sustainable e-commerce organizational structure, and what employees do you need for it? Let’s consider together which steps are conducive to your effective e-commerce organization so that you can turn the vision of a successful online shop into reality!

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Building your E-Commerce organization

At the core of the e-commerce organization lies the online shop. It must function intuitively, clearly, reliably, and swiftly. This applies not only to the frontend, where your customers shop but also to the backend, where your team maintains products and continuously develops the shop. All of this is made possible by a powerful Content Management System. And without online marketing, your online shop won’t attract visitors.

As you can see, the roles and tasks in e-commerce span many disciplines such as user experience, online marketing, and web development. It’s evident that coordinating these e-commerce tasks plays a crucial role.

That’s why, as part of e-commerce project planning, we work with you to define which positions or roles are necessary in your team and assist you in filling these positions. Whether it’s writing job descriptions or selecting suitable candidates, we’re here to help. Furthermore, we identify which software best supports the planned processes and assist with the technical setup and configuration.

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We assist with your E-Commerce organization

After understanding your goals, strategy, assortment, and technological foundation, we derive the requirements for your organization. We then align these with the roles and skills of your existing team. This allows us to identify gaps that should be addressed through team training, additional positions, and adjustments to workflow organization. In implementation, we assist you in the search, selection, and training of your future e-commerce team.

If necessary, we accompany this process with the introduction of suitable communication tools, such as project management software or team chats. We take care of providing tools to structure workflows efficiently, handle service cases effectively, and establish process structures.

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