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Optimize your website with A/B testing

Test your content

You’ve likely noticed that digital trends are ever-evolving, as are the needs of your users and the capabilities of digital content. This constant development makes it worthwhile to test whether your content can be made more accessible and easier to understand. Deciding where to focus your optimization efforts next can be complex due to the myriad of possibilities. A/B testing helps you discover precisely that, guiding you towards making your content as user-friendly as possible.

The Benefits of Testing

A/B testing empowers you to let your target audience dictate the improvements needed on your website. It operates under the principle that no one understands the desires of your audience better than the users themselves. This method allows for experimentation with solutions to known issues or the testing of new strategies, offering a broad and exciting range of possibilities. Moreover, the insights derived from A/B tests can inform enhancements in other areas, such as refining your tracking system or adjusting your marketing strategy.

Your benefits at a glance

Make decisions based on data

The testing collects valuable data directly from your target audience.

Clear results

You receive a processed evaluation, ready for action.

Save resources

Minimal effort for meaningful information.

We use Google Optimize

This tool allows the creation and testing of different website variants to optimize elements such as the placement of a shopping button on a landing page. Its integration with Google Analytics enables direct analysis of user data, facilitating data-driven decisions on which version performs better.

What's included in the test

  • Preparation and setup
  • Creation of test variants
  • Analytics settings for the test variants
  • Implementation of Google Optimize and Anti Flicker Snippet
  • Project management
  • Planning and feedback of the tests
  • Coordination with the involved individuals
  • Analysis and strategic support


You will receive a detailed test result analysis, providing a solid basis for further action and improvements.

Requirements and What you need to do

Linking with Google Analytics is essential. If you haven’t done this, we can assist with the setup. Additionally, integrating Google Optimize and the Anti Flicker Snippet is a crucial first step in the test setup.

Our tracking team will update your setup to the latest standards.

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Digital Analytics-Strategian
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Digital Analytics-Strategian
Daniel Kudwien

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