The Digital Game Plan for your business

Take up position on the digital playing field​

The development of the digital economy has created countless new channels for communication. What started out as an additional marketing tool has since become an important area of investment. As a result, business owners have to be aware of many more matters than before. Analyses, causal relations, and decisions have become much more complex. But the good thing is, that also means that there is much more data you can base your decisions on.

Making decisions in digital business is often a complex and interdisciplinary affair. Decisions are thus by default interdependent and no measure can be carried out without having an effect on others. In short: If you want to compete on the digital playing field, you need a solid, tangible plan. A digital game plan.

Your advantages at one glance​


In our audits and analyses we collect all relevant information concerning your digital strategy to create a plan.


Using the digital game plan, we bring order into your measures and projects.​


We identify easily implementable quick wins that let you include your employees into the process.​

Bring structure and momentum into your digital marketing strategy​

We custom-make your digital game plan by defining possible digital projects and measures and prioritize them according to the following four categories:

  • No Brainers are easy to implement without having to take unnecessary risks, e.g. by optimizing tracking, defining responsibilities, or building expertise.
  • Show Stoppers are difficult to implement and present big risks like tracking that is non-conforming to data protection regulations or security risks within the IT infrastructure.
  • Game Changers require a lot of effort and resources but at the same time present you with exciting opportunities, e.g. setting up ecommerce or establishing a new business model.
  • Quick Wins are easy to implement and score results fairly quickly, e.g. the optimization of existing paid media campaigns or setting up of new ones.

If you’re at the very beginning of your digital marketing journey, the last category is especially important for you. Quick Wins help you gain momentum which gets people enthusiastic about your business.

When we develop your digital game plan with you, you’ll have the collected interdisciplinary expertise of our marketing, sales, and IT enthusiasts at your service. If needed, we can also consult our teams in HR, communications, or product development. The digital game plan is primarily concerned with all market-relevant issues, but it can also include internal procedures, if necessary.

While working on your Digital Game Plan, we identify digital projects and measures and categorize them. 

What you get from a Digital Game Plan​

Like we said, the digital market is much more than just an advertising channel. In order to be successful in the digital world, your entire organization must rely on digital tools and procedures. We’ll be honest with you: digitalization is not a project that will be finished within a few months. It is a continuous process of learning and transformation for you and your entire business. And your employees’ expertise is extremely important here. Make sure to get a good idea of who you want to actively work with in this endeavor.

When we develop your digital game plan with you, you’ll have the collected interdisciplinary expertise of our marketing, sales, and IT enthusiasts at your service. If needed, we can also consult our teams in HR, communications, or product development. The digital game plan is primarily concerned with all market-relevant issues, but it can also include internal procedures, if necessary.

The features included in your digital game plan​

Developing a digital game plan must always start with an analysis of your goals and target audiences. In our digital age ruled by algorithms, knowing your target audiences is essential to not fall victim to marketing waste and messages becoming irrelevant. Your business can’t afford that in the long run. To avoid these issues, we develop your digital game plan based on data-based personas. To this end, we compare your business persona’s characteristics with those of your real-life target audience and identify the potentials of individual digital channels. In a nutshell: how many persons of target audience x you can reach via channel y.


In the next step we put ourselves in every single persona’s shoes in order to plan their individual customer journey. In doing so, we illustrate a journey over various phases from demand generation to the use of your product or service. Along these customer journeys we can determine goals, touchpoints, measures, and specific content.

The most important push and pull measures in the Digital Game Plan.

The disciplines involved in a digital game plan

Digitalization is the central issue you’ll be dealing with when it comes to ensuring the future of your business in a safe and sustainable way. But that’s a complex feat. Which is why we want to help you develop a digital game plan tailored to your needs. In this, we work closely with the most important digital disciplines:

How we carry out your digital game plan​

After we’ve decided on the scope of the project, we’ll start by analyzing the most important digital markets and touchpoints relevant to your business. We do this in the form of audits, e.g. an SEO audit, UX audit, or tracking audit.

At the same time, we’ll be holding workshops to clearly define your goals and target audiences as well as the corresponding personas and customer journeys. These are then added to the results of our audits and market analyses.

In the next step, we’ll categorize our findings. While No Brainers and Quick Wins can be sent straight off to development and implementation, we’ll work out strategies for show stoppers and game changers in greater detail. In the end, we’ll bring all of these steps together in a highly personalized digital game plan. This digital game plan serves as the key navigation tool during the implementation phase. Drop us a line if you want to learn about this process in more detail and we’ll schedule a one-on-one talk!

What you can expect​

We’re not going to build you castles in the air on pretty presentation slides. Instead, we’re all about coming together at eye-level and following a plan that’s based on reliable data. Our “field agents” Marketing Monsters, makers99, boxwise, and come in whenever we need operational expertise in creating your digital game plan. To ensure a successful venture for both sides, we ask you to be open-mindedtrust in us, and be proactive. We consider these values the very ground upon which successful digital businesses are built. Please see the rules of our game for more information.

The Digital Game Plan compiles all measures and projects for a better overview.

In your customized digital game plan, we’ll include​

  • convincing figures on customer and sales potentials
  • a prioritized list of quick win and no brainer strategies for quick results
  • detailed, data-based personas
  • step-by-step customer journeys for a better understanding of your customers
  • the well-structured planning of your marketing and media
  • blueprints for your digital dream team

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