Products and assortment as a building block of E-Commerce strategy

Assortment planning is an essential component of any e-commerce strategy. On one hand, it involves selecting products that meet market demands and match customer needs. On the other hand, deliberate assortment planning helps shape the structure of your e-commerce activities. Do you offer many or few products? Are they standard or customizable by customers? Do you produce them yourself? On-demand or in stock? Do you have a wide or deep assortment? All these questions directly impact your e-commerce strategy and infrastructure.

Furthermore, the design of your products also plays a crucial role because the attractiveness and uniqueness of your product stimulate demand. If your competitors offer similar products, you can gain advantages through product presentation in the online shop.

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Design and maintenance of the assortment

The assortment design of your online shop is crucial for the success of your e-commerce strategy. For newcomers, this step begins at the beginning of planning your e-commerce strategy. But even as a traditional retailer, you should carefully plan which part of your store assortment you want to sell online. With the development of the assortment, you have the opportunity to give your online shop a personal touch. We support you in planning the appropriate assortment, particularly through market and competitive analyses. This allows you to identify opportunities and exploit them strategically.

However, that’s not all. Your assortment should be regularly reviewed and adjusted. Especially in categories with strong competition, price wars are not uncommon. Here, we support you with price monitoring and dynamic pricing strategies. Static assortments and prices increasingly struggle in e-commerce. Rather, assortments in online retail need to be continuously reviewed and carefully maintained. We also support you in assortment maintenance!

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