Technical consulting helps create more efficient digital products​

The digital world is complex and ever-changing at a fast pace. There are countless options for designing your company’s digital presence. You’re practically spoiled for choice:

  • Is a small website enough for you, or do you need a large online store? 
  • Which functions does your website need to offer and which are unnecessary? 
  • How many users do you expect? What does the infrastructure have to do to meet these requirements? 
  • What needs to be considered when relaunching or moving a website? 
  • What’s most important now and what can wait?


We support you in all these questions with technical consulting and help you build up or optimize your digital presence in a targeted and efficient way. We support you at every stage of your project, regardless of whether we are starting from scratch, expanding an existing website, optimizing individual areas, or planning a relaunch. Likewise, we’ll give you specific recommendations for action, which you can use to drive the project forward independently. If required, we are also happy to take care of the operational implementation.

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We look forward to your ideas and are happy to support your endeavor, whether it's a new project or restructuring.

Technical consulting: our process

Define goals: In order to consult, we need to know which direction you want to take. Before starting any operational business, we get together to define the overarching goals and measures for your digital strategy tailored to your company and needs in your individual Digital Game Plan.

As-is analysis: If your website is to be optimized, we first look at the status quo. We analyze everything from performance and server configuration to aspects of user experience and SEO, and derive potentials.

Conception: For any new websites and functions, we create a concept based on your individual Digital Game Plan. We consult you on processes, technical requirements, time estimates, project coordination, and prioritize the individual measures with you. This is where our experience with various service providers comes into play. We will build a system landscape that is ideally tailored to your needs.

Infrastructure: The system architecture and infrastructure form the backbone of your website; they ensure accessibility and fast loading times. Based on the website’s requirements, we select the right service providers. Decisive for this is, among other things, the expected amount of website users, which functions the website should have, and how extensive it is.

Development: Before we can get developing, basic decisions must be made. These include: 

  • On which technical systems will the website be built? 
  • How can the website be accessed? 
  • How is it processed? 

To answers these questions, we might fall back on our component library that we have put together ourselves. This means we don’t always have to start from scratch, but can build on components that have already been tried and tested. This allows us to act particularly quickly and flexibly.

Review & Processes: We also assist with plugin and code reviews, paying particular attention to performance and compatibility so that site performance is not compromised. In this context, we also give recommendations on how to optimize the development workflow, implement a clean code strategy, and can also help in building and developing development teams.

Monitoring: We keep a long-term eye on the security, performance, and stability of your website: for example, we draw attention to security vulnerabilities and fix them if necessary, keep an eye on website speed, and derive measures to improve loading times.

Further development: Your company is constantly evolving, and with it its technical requirements. We also support you in the future development and consult you on how best to approach your further plans.

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