How does site building play into your business goals?

Your website forms the bridge between your company’s products or services and the needs of your target group: users get to know your company, learn about products and services and become customers. This places specific demands on your website. For many of these requirements, there are often already plugins and modules that provide the desired functions. This means that it is often not necessary to develop individual functions—or even the entire website—from scratch. Our site-building team will help you build a modern website with all the features you need without sacrificing flexibility. To do this, we use proven technical setups and adapt them specifically for your website. This approach saves time and budget.

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Save time and money on development

New functions and components of a website go hand in hand with a greater development effort, which often cannot be clearly calculated in advance or is always delayed along the way. Instead, you can rely on proven and established systems. These can be adapted to your individual requirements in a time- and cost-efficient way. This allows us to start implementing and achieving high-quality results quickly. And due to the dynamic system, you can develop the website further in the long run.

Over the last 10 years, we have built our tech stack based on WordPress and WooCommerce and are constantly developing it. You can use this knowledge and our experience for your project. Along the way, we will also show you how to set up your website or store yourself, so you don’t need external support for every small or major change. We are always there when you need us, and we celebrate you for everything you do without us. Your website is an important foundation, but working on long-term success is even more important and costs a lot more time, energy, and money.

Development Topics

We create individual websites and digital products for your company.

We find the right technologies for your digital business.

With us, you can successfully set up your development team.

How to build your site

Define goals: In the Digital Game Plan, we work with you to define the overarching goals and measures for your digital strategy tailored to your company and your needs. We also consider aspects from a data, design, UX, content, and SEO perspective. From this, we derive the technical requirements that your website must meet.

As-is analysis: Our site-building team analyzes the existing website. Based on this, we define which elements of the website will be retained, revised, or newly created, as well as which target group is the main focus of the implementation. 

Development: We develop individual solutions for specific requirements. For the most efficient approach, we check whether there are already existing plugins or other solutions that can be adapted to the requirements. Especially for time-limited projects or testing new products, this approach is useful to be able to validate results quickly. This way we can develop individual solutions and save time and costs. 

Monitoring: We take care of the ongoing maintenance and ensure reliable and trouble-free operation of the systems. In doing so, we control the performance such as website speed and server load in an automated way.  In addition, we also take care of the ongoing optimization of the website.

Further development: Over time, goals and priorities in a company can change, and with them the requirements for technical solutions. We are happy to support you in the long term and adapt the solutions to your changing needs and goals.

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