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You want to track your business’s digital performance? You want to use Google Analytics, but have no idea how to set it up? Then you’ve come to the right place! Based on the goals we previously defined together, our data & tracking specialists will implement the right analytics setup for you.

We first check whether tracking is already available and whether it is set up correctly. If that’s not the case, we would recommend setting up Google Analytics right at the start of the project or, if applicable, before the (re)launch of your website. This way, you can continually collect data about the website usage of your target group and optimize it accordingly.  

Our data and tracking experts always take care to implement a correct and, above all, GDPR-compliant analytics setup to make targeted derivations on your business goals possible.

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Why use Google Analytics?

Other than Google Analytics, there are other tracking tools such as Matomo (formerly Piwik) or Adobe Analytics that we can set up for you. However, our recommendation is to use Google Analytics or Google Analytics 4. As the market leader, the web analytics tool offers a comprehensive and cross-website database and is also free of charge.

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Integrating a web analytics tool: here's how it works

When we get down to the business of setting up Google Analytics for you – or really any other tool – we usually start with setting a goal and a tracking concept to develop a custom tracking setup for your needs. We take the following in the project flow: 

  1. Tracking audit: as-is analysis of the current Analytics setup. Is there already a Google Analytics account or another tracking tool? Is this set up correctly?
  2. Objective: Which business goals do you want to measure with your analytics setup? What data plays a role in making optimizations within the strategy?
  3. Tracking concept: Based on the answers to these questions, which business goals are to be achieved, we set up a tracking concept together with you. 
  4. Implementation: After analysis comes implementation. We will set up a Google Analytics property for you, implement the tracking via Google Tag Manager, and set up the concrete target projects.

After setting it up, it can take Google Analytics up to 24 hours to collect and present data within the system.

We’s happy to continue working with you and are available for any questions regarding the tracking and analytics setup. A regular tracking update can help identify and fix the validity of the data or, if necessary, problems with links. The best way to see this is to set up a dashboard and regular reporting.

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We set up your web tracking and provide you with the relevant data.

Get the information you need for your digital decisions.

We take care of your cookie consent management.

Upgrade your tracking setup and benefit from all the features Google Analytics 4 has to offer.

We bring your tracking setup up to date so that you can take advantage of all opportunities.

Use data efficiently for important decisions and maintain an optimal overview with our dashboards.

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