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Email Marketing Audit: Are you effectively reaching your target audience?

Emails - better than their reputation suggests

An email lands directly in recipients’ inboxes, unlike social media platforms where algorithms decide visibility. This direct approach lacks the competition of social feeds, presenting a unique opportunity to reach people directly if leveraged correctly.

Emails directly address users

Your emails arrive amidst personal and important messages. By crafting a compelling subject line, choosing the right sending time, and employing the appropriate communication strategy, you can capture attention and curiosity. It’s crucial to understand what excites your target audience and how to reach them effectively. Your campaign competes with important administrative emails and other newsletters, so it’s vital to seize this opportunity to meet your readers’ needs as much as possible.

Your benefits at a glance

In-depth Analysis

We demonstrate how your campaigns and their contents perform.

Clear results

In the results workshop, we transparently show where you can make improvements.

Concrete To-Dos

You receive tangible optimizations that you can implement immediately.

How an Email Marketing Audit Works

After granting us access to your newsletter tool and editorial plan, we review sent campaigns, their content, and effectiveness. The more information provided, the clearer our analysis. We then convene for a workshop, either virtually or in person, to present our findings and actionable recommendations.

Areas of Focus in the Email Marketing Audit

  • Opt-in processes
  • email design,
  • content
  • tools
  • sending frequency
  • relevant KPIs

Optimize your Email Marketing

An email campaign can be quickly drafted, depending on the effort and resources available. We send many emails daily and might not think deeply about each one. It’s precisely here that mistakes can creep in, costing valuable opportunities and, in the worst case, leading to unsubscribes from the newsletter. That’s why we closely examine your email marketing strategy and potential opportunities, showing you how to optimize your email marketing step by step.

Requirements and what you need to do

You provide us with your previous email campaigns and all associated materials – then we get started.

Among other things, we carefully review your sent campaigns and give you specific suggestions for optimization.

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Ann-Sophie Speck
Sarah Stock

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