Ground Rules​

Heads up! Please note that working with netzstrategen may be quite different from what you’re used to. We have compiled a few ground rules to let you know what you’re getting into:


We trust in you…

Trust is the very ground upon which our collaboration stands. We want to learn as much as we can about you and your business. Maybe even over after-work drinks!


…and in return expect you to trust in us.

We know the internet like the back of our hand; that’s our promise to you. We’re happy to explain any of our motives or reasoning, but we ask you to trust in our abilities. You know your stuff – we know ours!


We pursue a strategy…

Together, we’ll work out a strategy on which we’ll base all our decisions. Should your wishes ever deviate from this strategy, let us know and we’ll figure out a way to either align your wishes to the strategy or adjust the strategy itself.


…but we’re proactive whenever we can.

We’ll confer with you on measures and decisions if we think it reasonable. But to make life easier for everyone involved, we’re not going to consult you on every small step of the way – provided we’re absolutely sure we’re acting in your interests. By doing this, we reduce the need for meetings and administrative tasks so that we can both work more efficiently and effectively.


We barge in…

We only do what we believe in. While traditionally, consulting agencies might have done whatever they were asked to by their clients, we believe in actively bringing our own knowledge to the table. This might result in us disagreeing with you on certain points, but we bank on open communication in order to reach our common goal. If we have a (seemingly) good idea that is not immediately relevant to our shared project, we won’t keep it secret. We’ll let you know and see whether we can adopt it – or not.


…in order to keep you up to date.

The internet changes and develops on an epic scale and will never be “finished”. If we come across any (new) opportunities that we believe might benefit you, we will address them. Please don’t take this as pushing sales, but as an honest attempt to help advance your business on the net. Of course we can accept no as an answer; we’re persistent only if we consider a measure to be genuinely valuable.


We’re all equal…

The netzstrategen reject hierarchies: all of us are experts in our own field. Whether we’re intern or senior strategist, we are all committed to our goals and identify with them. We see no reason not to treat everybody equally. If you have any issues, don’t hesitate to address them no matter who it is you’re dealing with.


…and we love our job.

What we do is our dream job. Of course, that may include dull or uninspired days or tasks. But we embrace them. Our friends and family sometimes criticize our preoccupation with our job when we’re off-work. From time to time, we may even be at it late at night or on weekends. But oh well – that’s all part of working your dream job!


We take the time it takes…

We do nothing halfway and fully commit to our clients and partners. But as everyone of us usually works on multiple projects at once (and you can be assured we’re well-stretched with our workload) we might not always be able to react and respond right away. We might be holding a strategy workshop with another client who deserves to have our full attention, too. In these situations we can’t just drop everything. That’s why we’re happy to schedule appointments with you beforehand to have enough time and the right people on hand when we need them.


…and regard every project as a mutual effort.

“We help you navigate the digital world” – to us, this is not optional but the essence of what we do – our purpose. We’ll teach you anything you need to know. But in order to be successful, you (meaning your entire team) will have to pitch in to get the job done. Everything runs more swiftly if we don’t have to brief and guide your every move. And along the way, you’ll learn a lot about your own digital business and have a firm grip on your own operations.


It is our experience that if you’re on board with this method of working together, we can accomplish great things:

  • advancing your business in the digital sphere.
  • creating a long-lasting partnership that’s built on trust.
  • leading an open, constructive, and honest relationship.
  • unburdening you and your systems and procedures.
  • learning loads about your business and you learn loads about the internet.
  • working together is fun for everyone involved – which likely is the best indicator of the success of our joint projects!

We haven’t scared you off yet? Then we’re obviously a perfect match, so let’s get started right away!