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How to Reach Us

We are always happy to have visitors, whether it's for workshops, the #nmfka, or just dropping by spontaneously for a coffee.

The netzstrategen office is located in the eastern part of Karlsruhe, on the beautiful creative area “Alter Schlachthof”. We have long been based in the former large livestock stable (house number 47). As the Strategen family has continuously grown, we have taken up a second office in Karlsruhe in the FUX building (house number 33). It takes about 3 minutes to walk from door to door (see map below).

Journey by train

The nearest S-Bahn (suburban train) station “Tullastraße” is only a 4-minute walk from the office. Additionally, there are many bicycle parking spots where you can secure your bike, and some spots also offer shelter for it.

Parking close to our office

On the orange-marked areas, you will find some parking spaces that can be used for free for two hours. For this purpose, please place a parking disc clearly visible behind your windshield, as this area is regularly checked. Currently, you can park along the streets marked in yellow without any restrictions. If you are coming to our office by car for a workshop or a longer appointment, we will provide you with a free parking ticket for the entire day. Please contact us directly when scheduling the appointment. Also, remember to return the parking permit to us before you leave. Thank you!

Parkplältze in der Nähe

Du möchtest ein Projekt mit uns starten?
Wir freuen uns auf Deine Ideen und unterstützen gerne bei Deinem Vorhaben, egal ob neues Projekt oder Umstrukturierung.