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Team Admin

Where you find us

As the administration team, we have an overview of everything that happens here. We receive all invoices, contracts, etc. from the other teams, which we then take care of. We also enjoy the view of the Alte Schlachthof in Karlsruhe from the fifth floor of the FUX building. Of course, you can also find us at the other locations in Cologne and Barcelona, because there is a lot to organize around the other teams.

How we work

We have the other teams’ backs, and that’s a lot of work. To keep on top of things, we rely on good coordination and communication among ourselves and with the teams at all locations. Accounting and People Operations are in good hands with us. We manage all processes relating to our strategists, from recruiting to contract issues and training.

Team Administration

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Edeltraud Gienger
Magda Ocasiones