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Google Analytics 4 Setup

Universal Analytics becomes Google Analytics 4

Universal Analytics has long helped us keep track of all marketing efforts and the ever-changing needs of target audiences. The collected data and individualized analyses and reports are essential for marketing teams and offer practical added value. But this software has reached its limits and had to be adapted to the new technical possibilities with Google Tag Manager. It’s high time for an update – which Google has now published.

New features that make the switch worthwhile

  • More accurate measurements: Key reports are presented with 100% of the data collected, rather than extrapolated with samples. So the data is more tangible and reliable than with the previous sampling.
  • More event-based measurements in the presets: You’ll get ahead and have more options from now on, without having to go through Google Tag Manager and developers.
  • New user interface: Thanks to the new structure, you can find your way around even more intuitively. The new options for reports also make evaluating data much easier.
  • Internal traffic filter: Your data analysis is more accurate, since you can filter out the traffic of your colleagues.

Deine Vorteile auf einen Blick


With our experience, your tracing move will go smoothly


The reports show significantly more than before and are more clearly laid out.


All data is actually collected and not extrapolated.

Our process

Our tracking team will bring your analytics setup up to date.

Further measures

The sooner you make the switch to Google Analytics 4, the longer you can keep the previous tracking running in parallel. This way, you can compare and optimize data in the long term. Fill out the form below, and we will get back to you as soon as possible. After the Google Analytics 4 setup, we could look at the tracking or usability of your website together.


We only need access to Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager from you. You don’t need to do anything else for the conversion.

Google Analytics 4 update: price

For a one-time fee of EUR 1,200 (excl. VAT) we make your tracking fit for the future. We’ll set up Google Analytics 4 and implement the tracking in the Google Tag Manager. We can talk about further custom tracking and how we transfer the previous settings afterward.

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Digital Analytics-Strategian
Chris Sattel
Digital Analytics-Strategian

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