SEO Audit

Why SEO is important for your content

Google and other search engines scrutinize digital content closely and evaluate them according to their own criteria. It’s not always easy to meet the requirements of search engines – that’s where our audit comes in. The first step to improving your ranking is to understand the current state of your website. From there, we can proceed to prioritize what needs to be done.

Deep analysis in our SEO audits

We examine your website from various perspectives: both content-wise and technically. To aid us in troubleshooting, we utilize robust tools such as Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Ryte, and Sistrix. We have been working with these partners for years and have gained valuable experience.

The results of our analysis will be presented and explained to you in a collaborative workshop. Additionally, during this workshop, we will equip you with the necessary skills to further optimize your website for SEO.

Your benefits at a glance

Helpful results

We show you how your website performs organically, as well as its problems and potentials.

Direct implementation

Thanks to to-dos and checklists, you can get started right away without depending on developers.

Sustainable decisions

With reliable and comparable numbers, you can make informed decisions.

How our SEO Audit works

Custom optimization for you

All websites have their own requirements, and every client has a different level of knowledge. That’s why we tailor our audit precisely to your needs and coordinate closely with you before we start. The following workshop, for example, could consist of an SEO basics training, where we show you all the important fundamentals. This way, you’ll be digitally capable even after our collaboration. Or it could focus solely on the technical side of content if, for example, you’ve already gained some experience with SEO.


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