Our Karlsruhe offices are based on the former slaughteryard, whose buildings have been converted into creative office spaces.

Großviehstall - our office in the old cattle shed

Since 2012, we’ve been working from the former cattle shed in the east of Karlsruhe. First built in 1885, the site is modeled after a castle complex, which gives it its characteristic ambience.

As we grew as a company, we moved from the former pigsty to the bigger, two-storied cattle shed. Here, right next to the Tollhaus arts center, we’re comfortable and have enough space to grow.

We’re happy about the lively exchange we have with our neighbors – among whom are architects, artists, concert halls, businesses from the film and media industry, artisans, instrument makers, and web and creative agencies.

Every second Tuesday of each month we host our after-work event #nmfka, where you can expect interesting talks, tasty snacks and drinks and, most importantly, great people. But feel free to come over for a coffee or a quick chat anytime, we’re always happy to meet new people!


FUX - from the cattle shed to FUX

As our family is growing constantly, we have moved into a second office in Karlsruhe. The FUX building (Alter Schlachthof 33) is only 3 minutes from our old office. We’re lucky to have the 6th floor all for ourselves. The FUX is where we hold internal meetings and client workshops. Our admin team also keeps track of numbers and important processes behind the netzstrategen scenes here. If you’re visiting by car, have a look at our overview of parking spaces.

To enter the FUX building, you can use the automatic door opener, which is marked with a yellow bell symbol. Once you are inside, you will find the elevators in the room on your left and the stairs to your right. Normally, you should be able to take the elevator to the 5th floor without any problems. However, if the 5th floor is locked, go to the 4th floor, exit the elevator, and turn right to find the stairs. From there, you can walk up to the 5th floor. Once you’ve arrived, you will find a doorbell next to the glass door on the right.

We have also compiled detailed information on how to get here by car and train, as well as a map showing possible parking options.